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Saturday, May 21, 2005

New Wallpaper!

I'm on a blogging roll this week... wonder why... Anyway, this time it's a new wallpaper.

I recently bought Ocean Yang's CD from a dubious market stall. [The music is good, and the CD works, that's mainly what I'm concerned with] And this wallpaper was inspired by one of the songs.


The inspiring song is "Liang3 Jian1 Shi4", and in it, the man sings of how, when rummaging through his old possessions, he finds an old letter that his mother had first given him when he first moved out of the family home into the city. In the letter, his mother has 2 pieces of advice for him. One is to always stick to one's principles, and the other is to find a girl you love, and treasure her for a lifetime.

[Note that the lyrics have been pretty badly translated by me]

It's a very sweet, touching song, and like most of the songs in his album, has a light, airy and carefree feel to it. Hence, the light blue sky for a background.

The young man was drawn in Freehand, and colour was later added with Photoshop. Resolution is abt 1200 by 1600, so should fit most browsers.

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