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Friday, December 19, 2008

What I consider a droolworthy Christmas:

Namely consisting of just about everything in that picture, if you can find them.

Note: I didn't get any of them -_-!! but a dream's a dream, hey? ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just finished through clearing and deleting a lotta old email from my main yahoo accounts. *keeps the spade*

Out of curiosity, how much stuff do you keep in your inbox? I ploughed through my accounts, tidied up a bit, and I realised that in my personal account, I have mail that reached all the way back to 2002 -_-!!!!! I had mails sent to friends, mails with stupid jokes, [that I still found funny, haha] and so much old mail I kinda felt like an archeaologist. -_-!!!!!

The interesting part is reading through the mails I had written to friends back then when I was still in uni. [how long ago that was] I read about some of the crap I went through back then, and now I think: man, I was an angsty teenager then :p Thankfully I *think* I'm more mature now so that all that stuff back then seems..... too long ago. Despite all the *angst* I seemed to have put in my emails, I don't even remember some of that crap that I was so anxious about back then anymore.....

Chalk it up to one more advantage of age: Other concerns are now literally long gone. ;)

New Hair

A trip to the hairdresser and a thought about change means that now I slightly resemble this:

Without the egg, hor.....

Why I did it? Honestly when I saw the photos that she showed me, the hair I saw was a lot straighter and longer. -_-! So I thought, ok lor, just for a change and pretty curious to see myself with curls too.

IT was a long laborious process of wash, cut, and getting hair zapped in some sci-fi alien anime contraption, only to see hair that, at first, looked like this:

Later on, after some washing and drying and brushing, the curls have sort of settled. It's still like freshly cooked maggi, and I'm not exactly sure whether it's the greatest follicle faux pas on my part, but I'm still fascinated by myself in the mirror. [my hair is actually curly!!!] Not to mention at least it's got more volume than it ever did when it was straight, and on a good mood, I think it adds some spunk to my look. ;) Let's just hope the good mood lasts ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

The both of us are back from Bintan with slightly charred skin. -_-!!! Thankfully for us, the weather was sunny and cool for the 2 days we were there, and only rained on the last day when we were due to leave anyway. Ha!

I did think of going on that mangrove trip, but when it came to whether we should 1) sit in a boat out in a swamp looking for snakes and 2) sit in a massage bed and get a cheap massage and sleep, -_-!!! You can guess what we chose......

The 3 days were the most slack holiday I had ever taken. Previous holidays saw me rushing from venue to venue, wildly taking in the sights and taking in the shots with Kenny. This one saw me lying by the pool for half the afternoon, and then swimming in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. [sea out of bounds due to strong monsoon winds]

Actually, the 3 days were so slack that I just realised I have nothing to blog about anyway! -_-!

Overall a good relaxing trip, but next time I think I'll try Batam or somewhere cheaper. The prices are outrageous even by Singapore standards....