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Friday, June 24, 2011

No work meh?

There are times during the holidays that I wonder how some people can be so free during working hours.

As I sit here in the cafe, there are about 13 people. 3 couples are near me, 1 pair seeming of poly/uni age so maybe that explains them.

The other 2 couples are definitely of working age. Yet one laughing couple are dressed casually, guy in round neck tee and jeans, girl with nice makeup and in a maxi dress. They've been here for about an hour so they weren't in an office today. They talk about him going to the gym and the songs she sang today. (Recording artiste?) What do they do?

Another pair, the guy is in office garb. How come he's not in the office? How is it he's free to sit with the girl in the pretty designer club dress in the late afternoon? Does his boss know he's here?

And that's just the people nearer to me. What about the other guy wearing office shirt sitting at a table reading a magazine? (jobless? Just went for an interview?) Or the guy wearing tee and shorts writing in a binded book? (working from 'home'? Studying?) or the 2 western expats? (don't they usually have jobs here?)

I know why I'm here but what about the rest? How is it that some people don't have to be in an office during working hours? How is it they can work from this cozy cafe like I am trying to do?

And more interestingly: How can I do what they are doing?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The art of doing nothing

After the whole Australia trip, I decided that in the one week I have left before work starts, I don't really wanna do much. The reason being I did so much moving from town to mountain to town to state that now, being static seems especially pleasurable right now.

Monday I walked up and down orchard with no aim in mind except a foot massage. Tuesday I spent the morning with Slayer and the rest of the afternoon peacefully reading. Wednesday I went out for breakfast with FH and then lunch with him and more aimless wandering till home.

Maybe because I know the deadlines looming, which is why these few days of no aim seem especially sweet.

Aaaah, how long can this last?

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