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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert

It started with music to stir you into battle... Music that quickened your heart and made you sit up on your seat in attention.

Then it became music sweetly calming, full of peace, calm and fields of flowers.

After that was music of a forgotten city, attacked by giants and trolls and left for dead, till one grownup survivor brought its people back.

It was music of love, comradeship, honour, battle lust and of the hope that comes happily ever after.

One of the better orchestra concerts I've been to. Now to get my hands on a cd... ;p
Yenn and I met for dinner before the concert at the esplanade.

"what did you order?"

*points to soup*

"Hey, you ordered the same soup I did. What sandwich did you get?"

"bacon and cheese"

"I got that too!"


"what tea is that?"


"me too!"

*pregnant pause*

"we may be hanging out too often together."

"agreed. What colour underwear are you wearing?"

And for the record that last line wasn't mine!!