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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tired of my job

Yes, I have finally gotten tired. Not the I'm-sick-of-this-crap-and-I-
wanna-quit kind of tired, but the kind that makes you want to spend
the day sleeping in instead of reporting to work kind.

I only just remarked this to a colleague that there were that more
stuff to do this year. I seem to have more work to do than before, and
shorter deadlines to finish them by. Whether this is really happening
or just a figment of my imagination I'm not sure. I just feel more
fatigued this year than in the previous two that I've been working.

Health? Diet? Social commitments? External expectations? I'm not sure
what... I just wish I had more time to properly slack for a while
instead of having the constant feeling of work looking over my shoulder.

Sent from my iPod

A slightly-abridged-cut-n-paste of a conversation today with Yenn:

"I want to buy some new music but nothing appeals to me."


"I mean, most of the music out these days are like casual flings. Hi, yea, it was nice hanging with you, but we're really not that compatible, you know? I just think we should start seeing other CDs."


"And then, you meet a CD, and the music on it is like, whoa, your music soulmate, the ONE you've been waiting for all your lonely life, and listening to it, it's like having sex."


"Ok, wrong comparison."

I think you'll be able to guess which is Yenn and which is me.......