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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tired of my job

Yes, I have finally gotten tired. Not the I'm-sick-of-this-crap-and-I-
wanna-quit kind of tired, but the kind that makes you want to spend
the day sleeping in instead of reporting to work kind.

I only just remarked this to a colleague that there were that more
stuff to do this year. I seem to have more work to do than before, and
shorter deadlines to finish them by. Whether this is really happening
or just a figment of my imagination I'm not sure. I just feel more
fatigued this year than in the previous two that I've been working.

Health? Diet? Social commitments? External expectations? I'm not sure
what... I just wish I had more time to properly slack for a while
instead of having the constant feeling of work looking over my shoulder.

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