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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just finished through clearing and deleting a lotta old email from my main yahoo accounts. *keeps the spade*

Out of curiosity, how much stuff do you keep in your inbox? I ploughed through my accounts, tidied up a bit, and I realised that in my personal account, I have mail that reached all the way back to 2002 -_-!!!!! I had mails sent to friends, mails with stupid jokes, [that I still found funny, haha] and so much old mail I kinda felt like an archeaologist. -_-!!!!!

The interesting part is reading through the mails I had written to friends back then when I was still in uni. [how long ago that was] I read about some of the crap I went through back then, and now I think: man, I was an angsty teenager then :p Thankfully I *think* I'm more mature now so that all that stuff back then seems..... too long ago. Despite all the *angst* I seemed to have put in my emails, I don't even remember some of that crap that I was so anxious about back then anymore.....

Chalk it up to one more advantage of age: Other concerns are now literally long gone. ;)

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