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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Surfing around and found these...

Went to Popagandhi's blog and saw this link.

Clicked out of curiosity.

Ran screaming to the bathroom, washing out my eyes with soap. [the pain that caused was not equivalent to the pain I suffered at first.]

The best [and most ironic] part: The site offers Webpage Conceptualization, Design and Creation Services

Excuse me while I heave out my Milo...

Here's a more interesting one:

I've gone for 2 Flag Days with NUSSUX. I'm about to be enlisted for the NTU one as part of NIE. (-_-!) Wah freakin' cow!

And I've met all sorts of people while selling flags, but thankfully, never have I encountered someone like this:

"Wait you have children then you know!"

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