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Sunday, May 22, 2005

This slacker has been waking up at all sorts of unearthly hours these few days, like 8am on a Saturday morning [with no tuition] and 730 on Sunday morning. :S A condition which will most likely be reversed when I start work/school. :S

Cookie Bites

First off, innocent Disney fans do not look at this link. This is so wrong somehow. :S

A list of Japanese phrases to do with love, marriage and the inevitable quarrels. Use these when you want to confuse your other half. :)

And this horoscope was taken from Krystal's blog: [only some are posted here. For your own horoscope, check her blog, or the original website where she got it] Again, my comments are in []

How To Date A Libra Male

If you are dating a Libra male, your first date will be in a romantic restaurant, highlighted with a wonderful wine list.

[My first date happened to be in Din Tai Fung, which ain't exactly high on the romance factor, though the xiao long bao was good. However, the DF did have a tendency to bring me to nice places when we were innocent friends, so there may be some truth in this. Unfortunately, he can't stand wine or any kinda alcohol. :S]

During dinner just smile and be sweet. Libra men don't like vulgarity in any form. Dress tastefully, and do use your flower scented perfume. He loves women who dress up, wear jewelry, use makeup, and are happy being feminine.

[This......... I might have a slight problem with. :S Especially since my makeup collection consists of one unused lipstick and 4 bottles of dried nail polish]

He is fascinated with fantasy, including sexual fantasy.


Don't discuss your recent love life, or ex-husbands. He could care less about your children, or desire to have them.

[What love life? What husbands? What children?]

Don't be argumentative. Libra males hate conflict. You can discuss your latest painting, the last book you read, or what your plans are for interior decorating.

[Interior decorating?]

Libra males love cozy fires, and sensuous females near it. Fore play is a big high for Libra males. He is not a wimp, by any means, although, he loves to please! Yes, he would be your sex slave, provided you tease him a lot. At work, he is a fair boss, but at home he loves to be used!

[I'm... intrigued by the sex slave part.]

Libra males will stay in a bad marriage. Flirting gets them into trouble. Marriage is part of his ultimate plan, just make certain he is single, when you decide to date your Libra male.

[Strangely enough, the DF was the first one to bring up the topic of marriage in casual conversation, on our 2nd date to boot. :S Do you sense a sort of gender reversal here? But hey, at least he's not afraid of commitment...]

And now for my turn: [Though what's the point of putting this up if he ain't reading it? Duh... ]

How To Date A Pisces Female

If you are dating a Pisces female, take her to a psychic fair, art gallery, or out for cocktails.

[cocktails will DEFintely go down very well with me. :D]

Don't take her to the animal shelter, or you will have a new pet.

[Aw! LOOKIE AT ALL DA CUTESY CATS!!! Meow! Meow! KAWAII-NE! *Peta feeling coming on*]

You can wear anything you like, and you get to make all the decisions.

[Because I'm too sui pian and too indecisive to make dinner decisions. (^^!) A fact which has probably exasperated many friends, and which I'm trying to get over]

She prefers men with a passion about something, just believe in it.

[It would be nice if your passion was about ME though... (^_^)]

Music is one of her favorites and dancing is definitely a must. If you can't dance, take lessons.

[And take them with me]

Pisces females don't care if you are good looking, just have a heart. A sense of humor is an asset, she has one too.

[Albeit a strange, cynical, and sometimes downright offensive one]

She has no confidence in herself, so support her in her dreams. She falls in love easily. Don't promise her a rose garden, if you don't mean it.

[Thumbs up to this one]

When you go to the movies, take tissues. It does not matter what the movie is about, she will inevitable cry, when something touches her.

[Can I say... I haven't cried in a theatre yet hor...]

Pisces females love everyone, even if they treated her badly.

[Ok, I'm not THAT nuts. Treat me badly and I'll just walk away]

She hates to see pain, but can drown in her own. Cheer her up, be a positive kind of guy, and be romantic.

[Stick around for the PMS]

Encourage her to not live in your shadow, but to have her own life. Yes, your Pisces woman will marry you. Pisces females have a hard time saying "No"!

[Oh oh.........]


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