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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cookie Bites

Because I put such a sombre post up yesterday, I was hesitant to put other farnie stuff up, in case it clashed with the sombre post. Hence, here are all the crappy stuff that I tot of yesterday:

When you go to the gym, you can get a lot of satisfaction from one thing.

It's not being able to break your previous running record on the treadmill. [btw, on my way to getting a D for my 2.4 (^^!) ]

It's not being able to lift heavier weights than before.

It's not even seeing the numbers on the weighing scale go down.

No, the satisfaction of going to the gym comes from seeing another woman, who's taller than you, slimmer than you, prettier than you, better dressed than you, [her sparkling white Nike top and cute pink shorts on even cuter butt, versus my oversized freshmen camp T-shirt, and 3 for $10 at market shorts] stroll in with her cute, adoring boyfriend.


And then seeing Nubile Young Thing just DIE after barely 10 mins on the treadmill, while you are still going strong.


WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You call that EXERCISE? Eat my dust, kuso onna! *evil, smirking look* All the fat women repeat after me, "You may have the looks, but you ain't got the MOVES!"

Hey, you get whatever comfort you get in this harsh world... :p

Then later on, as I was going to J8 to meet the DF, I noticed this new advertising campaign for HL's banana milk on a bus. If you ever see this ad, you can never miss it, and you can never mistake it for anything else. Kudos to the ad company that came up with this.

You know that dancing cow in the TV ad with the bananas on her head? Well, the bus had a full-sized model of said cow with bananas on her head lying languidly on the ceiling on the bus.

And funnily enough, the first thing that came to my mind was, "holy cow..."

Watched Ep 3 finally. Not a bad movie, despite us knowing what was going to happen in the end. :p Though DF would prefer more scenes of evil Lord Vader in black plastic suit... Me, I'd prefer it if the love scenes were either better done, or simply hacked from the movie altogether. Haydn Christensen was awe-inspiring as the Dark Lord Vader, but as lovey dovey Anakin Skywalker......... *ugh* Totally CMI...

Here's an interesting drama that's happening in the blogosphere. It all started with Sassyjan's post for desperate female singles on how to steal the guy you want away from his girlfriend. [ok, that's why it's a post for 'desperate' female singles...]

Then, Xiaxue posted a marriage proposal to Malaysian blogger, Kennysia, on her blog. Although most of the post appears to be more about how pretty she is, the shit she had with a Chinatown vendor, and an Anna Sui fairy contest... there are some proposals in there... I swear... :p

Kennysia replied with musings on how their marriage would be like. But when I see the pics he has on how sex would be like, what their kids would look like... *shudder* Do the world a favour, and just stick with your girlfriend, yah?

Haha, interesting.... to use your blog to hook the guy you want... :p

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