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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Went to beach with DF.

Cycled up and down the length of East Coast.

Discovered East Coast is longer than I realise. [you can now cycle to SAFRA resort]

Discovered DF is possibly allergic to seawater. [he claims his nose will itch. There go the beach holidays (^^!) ]

Discovered I can get easily sunburnt. [skin is now red, and hot to touch. Never cycle after lunch. (^^!)]

Discovered hawker centre at East Coast has renovated. [wooden pavilions, and umbrella-ed tables. Much nicer to look at, but food prices seem quite ex]

Discovered DF is highly partial to air-con, though he is still capable of physical activity. [The guy has a metabolic rate I would die for, can?]

Discovered DF has nice, firm arms and abs. [how do you think I found this out? Haha!]

Discovered how nice it is to lean on him, resting my head on his shoulder, and his head on mine, hands locked together.

*Sigh* (^_^)


quetz said...

Wah!! *So envy*

kein said...

*envious too* :) btw, why is it DF and not BF?

Aki Tan said...

kein: DF is short for Dragonfly, which is my nick for him. Why I chose Dragonfly is a story that's........ really long :p u might have to search the archives to about a year back :p

quetz said...

DF is better than mine.. mine is LBF... Lousy Bf..