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Monday, May 30, 2005

Someone asked why I kept writing the boyfriend as DF rather than BF. Well, kein, and others who hopped onto this blog late, it's not a spelling error. It's short for DragonFly, which is the nick for the BF. The story of how and why he is the Dragonfly is tucked away somewhere in the old, dusty archives. :p Maybe one day I'll write out the entire saga nicely, and publish it somewhere.

Maybe I'll just write the whole thing in a diary and take it with me when I die... hahaha...

Star Wars Cookies

While we're in the craze of it:

Seen the Darth Vader version of Mister Potato? [no? Well, you should, it's blardy cute] Ever wonder how Star Wars would look through the eyes of the potato? [bad joke. heh.] Check out the Darth Tato Puns

I like this one: "May the fries be with you" and may they always come with extra sauce.

And from Quizilla, I have acquired a blue lightsaber... yippee! *Zwing* *zwong* *slice* *SMASH* Oops.................

Your Lightsaber is Blue

Blue is often associated with depth and stability.
It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom,
confidence, and truth.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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Chatting online with my friends one night, I realise why love is such a universal topic with everyone.

While I was discussing with one whether a reunion with the ex was advisable, another friend was talking about her crush, another was asking about MY love life, [and the apparent lack of progress, to her, anyway] and another was talking about HER love life [way too complicated and personal to describe here]

Then with another friend, the conversation rapidly went to kissing, and then to sex (??), one night stands, vibrators, virginity, and a lot of graphic details I don't know whether I should be putting up on this blog. ???(0_0)???

[lemme state for the record: In the fields above, it's not my knowledge that's lacking, but rather my practical experience. You learn about more than fashion and makeup these days in most women's magazines]

The question did come up from a couple of friends, on whether I had done 'anything' with him since getting attached, like hold hands [oh pls, of COS], hug, cuddle, kiss, pash [pash?], french, blah blah blah. [no sex. Trust me, NO SEX]

Interestingly enough, I realised that expectations differed quite a bit between people. People differ in the acceptable time period for acts of affection, and sometimes they differ widely. One friend thought it was fast that we held hands on the day we got attached. [she was thinking, maybe the 2nd date] On that night, I remember thinking it was taking him FOREVER already to work up the guts to hold my hand and I literally took things into my own hands that night.[heh]

Somehow or another, people build a mental timeline for such acts of physical affection. BY Day X we should have already kissed. BY Day Y we should have already made cuddling a regular habit. BY Year Z we should be married and having wild, unabetted and widely encouraged sex [as I described in my previous post]

And I find it, sometimes a little interesting, sometimes a little amusing, sometimes downright irritating, sometimes a bit wistful, when people ask me whether I've done this or that or even That. [well, my emotional reactions towards these questions usually depend on which phase of my menstrual cycle I am at the moment of questioning]

How do you even begin to put a schedule on a relationship? Not that most people do so consciously, of course, but more like they have certain expectations of the progress of a relationship, and apparently one of the ways of marking this progress is through the acts of physical affection. [I'm also fascinated by how people think a relationship is 'going somewhere', but I'll leave that for another post]

For example, most people may think that to be a virgin at 40 is to be at the bottom of the Ladder of Evolutionary Reproduction. Others may think that if you haven't kissed your boyfriend at least a month into the relationship, you may be gay.

MOST would probably agree that Hands must be held on the 1st or 2nd date. :p

me? Well, I can't really say for sure, seeing as how I don't have any past relationships to extrapolate data from. (^^!) Moreover, I never really talked to most of my attached friends about this when I was single, preferring instead to wallow in Depths of Misery and Envy. [I should have spent the time in productive Research instead to prepare me for this. Hmmm...]

So my strategy for now, is, metaphorically, to put the car in gear, and cruise along, enjoying the view along the way, and stopping for any rest stops whenever I feel like it. :p I will hope that the destination at the end is good, and hope that the suspension holds up for any bumps along the way. :p

Maybe for me right now, that's just the best I can do...


kein said...

Ah.. so he's the first one? :) Agree with the physical landmarks thing though, perhaps the sex thing is just peer pressure ("everyone's doing it!"), curiosity/exploration or just.. lack of self control :X Don't succumb to the dark side!

BTW, got direct link for the Dragonfly post ornot? ;p Either the Google function's not working, or I've been hitting the wrong keywords :(

Aki Tan said...

Heh, unfortunately the dark side just seems so much more interesting... hahaha...

The Google function doesn't always work... but I think the DF thing started somewhere ard 7th May? The prob is that I didn't write the whole thing on my blog, so u might have some trouble reading it from the archives too... paiseh... hehehe...

Another entry you can try googling is Dragonfly Reloaded...