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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


so go fig, I've always liked the colour black. What's not to like? It's a classic colour, goes well with any pants, bags, and other accessories you carry on your person, it instantly slims any figure [even if you wear those enemy-of-love-handles cotton spandex tees] and is always fashionably acceptable.

This doesn't go well with my very-fashionably-conscious uncle. When we were on the way to sign the bond for Mr Moe, he asked whether I had prepared my wardrobe for school.

"Sure," I said, "5 black shirts and 3 pants."

This threw him into a state of consternation. "What?? What will the students think? What will the staff think? Don't you have any other clothes in your cupboard??"

"Yea, but wearing black makes it so much easier. I don't have to think about what to wear, I just pull the nearest black shirt out and wear it with whatever pair of pants I pull out as well."

"There are so many other neutral colours you can wear! There's khaki, white..." And he railed on about the different colour combinations which did not involve black.

"Argh, too troublesome. I'm not going to think about colour combinations at 5 or 6am in the morning while I'm rushing to go to school!"

My uncle huffed. "It's pretty obvious," he said, to my dad who was driving at the moment, "That she's YOUR daughter, and no one else's." I think my dad smiled in a weird, fatherly-pride kinda way.

Then again, I did pause a bit when I opened my wardrobe one day, thinking of what to wear to tuition, and then I realised that fully half my wardrobe was black, so what was I thinking? [ok, not quite as bad as the cartoon made it out to be] I also thought back and realised that I had hardly worn any other colour the last week. [the only other colours I wear regularly are red and blue, and even then, not too often]

Then I went, ah heck, and pulled out a nondescript black shirt out of its hanger.

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Anonymous said...

Me too .... all black

Save time... washing time too...