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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Woes of Adulthood

My imminent entry into adulthood [and hence, the so-called 'real world'] meant that I had to begin some serious financial planning. Mainly, the kind that doesn't involve me dunking my $1 coins into a cute savings bank.

And no offence to any personal banker/finance major/financial planner friends, but I FREAKIN' HATE FINANCE! Something about seeing all those interest rates, inflation rates, and numbers floating in front of me just makes my head spin and reduce me to the IQ level of a kindergarten kid again, when I was first learning to add and minus.

"So er, you take this number, add to this figure..."

"No, it's this number, added to this one, multiplied by X and then powered by the coefficient of the Scalar Numeral and then added to your age multiplied by the Zaphod coefficient..."

Yea, that's basically what goes into my mind when someone tries to explain something 'financial' to me. (^^!)

*Deep Sigh.....* The whole thing's just pretty depressing. Firstly there's my imminent entry into Moe, which signals 3 years of bonded servitude, which people are trying to convince me is a worthwhile sacrifice for the future. Then there's the whole financial issue, which I know is a good thing for the future, but which to me just makes me want to spend everything I have. [The logic being, if I'm not going to be able to save enough for my retirement anyway, what's the point of trying so hard now? Haha, ok, it's something I saw in a Cathy comic... :p]

Longevity these days seem to be a double-edged sword. It used to be that longevity was a good thing. Now, longevity just means you have to work longer and harder throughout the whole of your life, and that's assuming in your old age, you even have work (^^!) and you don't end up starving to death in your one-room govt-subsidized apartment.

It's like... Even if you do live that long, and you do have a substantial amount in your retirement account... Then what?

Maybe, in some strange twisted way, humans aren't just made to last that long. I almost wish I could live the way I'm living now for the next 10 years, and then let it be So Long and Thanks For All the Fries. [Wonder if I can get that engraved on my urn. Hmm.]

Why not live a life worth remembering, and then gracefully bowing out at the end?

Then again, what is the end?

What is worth remembering?

Better to have loved, and lost, a million times through life

Than never to have loved at all in one dreary life?

Right, when I get this way, I know I'm starting to think too much again, and veering off into strange mental grounds. So I better stop here, and get some sleep. :p

So long, and thanks for all the fries.

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