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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cookie Bites

Munch munch... Just shows you I surf too much...

Kein wrote a great piece on how much it sucks to be a guy. Go read!

And speaking of cookies, I'm so wishing I had some right now (0_0) The trouble with Me and the Net nowadays is that I spend more time on it than I do with friends, family and the DF. And that's all 3 combined, by the way.

And not only that, but when I get too engrossed into things, I tend to forget to eat. (0_0) *Wah* Which is why now, even on the brink of desperate gastric, I'm still compelled to type out this blog entry on my keyboard. :( :( :(

It's insane, and I think I'm on the brink of serious addiction here. On my Always-Read list, I have something like 5 or6 friends' blogs, 10 over blogs of People I Don't Know, and 10 over online comics. (0_0) It's nuts! Then comes the other websites, like and stuff.

And of course, at the same time I'm doing all this, I'm MSN-ing with whoever's online. (^^!)

*Desperate wailing* I need help.................

So that's why, as soon as I can pull myself away from this keyboard, I'm SO going out of the house. It's gotten to the point where my life revolves around my blogging, and the Net, and I need to, in a most cliched way, "find myself again". In other words, rediscover the things about me which made my blog so interesting to read before.

[er, was there anything interesting about my blog to read before? :p Or all you all just forcing yourselves through my boring, boring life of a perverted sense of friendship and loyalty? :p]

As soon as I check out that one last website........................

Okokokok..... going...... now........

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