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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

deprivation mode

The following conversations show that Yenn and I could both be lacking in something... Me from the DF and her from...... well, a lack of someone anyway. :p

[Interrupt: I'm getting edgy about DF cos' it's been more than a week since I last saw him. We exchanged a few SMS and chatted a bit online, but I want to meet him, and he's all apparently tied up with work, and possibly if I don't call him he's going to just engross himself in work and possibly never call me and I know I sound so whiney about now but I can't help it I just want to whine.

Ok, back to regular blogcasts:]

Statistics claim that the number of smokers in Singapore has decreased. I say walk down Orchard Road one night and you'll be sorely deprived of that notion. Yenn and I [both avid non-smokers] were performing some weird kind of crab dance down Orchard as we dodged left and right trying to avoid the various people in front of us who were blowing their hideous nicotine air behind us.

After a while...

"Oh god my lungs are being raped, left and right."

"This isn't just rape. This is more like gang rape. They're all around us forcing us to submit to their will."

"Does that make us some kind of prostitute?"

"No, prositution would be when we get paid for inhaling their air. We're not getting any money from them, are we?"

"Comfort women?"

"No, comfort women are when your boyfriend smokes but you don't."

Ouch. Lemme insert a disclaimer: These are all JOKES made in HUMOUR by 2 individuals who have NOTHING against guys who smoke or girls who smoke. These are JOKES. Please DON'T sue us.

And we have nothing against comfort women either.

On to the next one:

"*Groan* Going into school already."

"Ya, we're going into bondage."

"That's a really long period of bondage."

"When we study we're submissives. When we teach, that's when the domination begins."

Like I said at the start, we could both be lacking in something. (^^!)


kein said...

tsk tsk, many sexual relations to otherwise everyday terms :) naughty naughty!

Aki Tan said...

sexual? *innocent look* I can assure you we didn't REALLY think of it that way... *even more innocent look*