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Friday, June 10, 2005


So my "self-imposed" Internet ban to help me "find myself" lasted all of... maybe 8 hours? (^^!) And here I'm back with a brand new list of cookie links:

Darkness Part 2 is a variation of the highly irritating but yet addictive Crimson road that Krystal and Yenn were so hooked on. [I got fed up after finding 12 items, closed the window, and started Freecell] I didn't finish this one as well [because I got irritated halfway.] but you guys can try if you want.

TYM is a teacher, and she blogs about having students find her having breakfast in her home clothes. Thankfully, a tuition teacher has much less students, so I've never really had this trouble that she did. "Hey, that's my teacher, Miss Tan! The one in the...... oversized tee shirt and the PE shorts with the colourful hairband..." (^^!) And I always avoid my students' parents quickly if I happen to see them around.

mrbrown claims that you are what you drink. So what's your poison? According to him, my taste for gin and sodas means I'm:

Mature, has picky taste; knows what she wants"

If she wants you, she'll send YOU a drink."

Erm, actually I won't. I'd rather drink it myself. (^-^) Pubs are SO not the place to meet potential boyfriends [ie, guys who don't have commitment issues, ie, guys who aren't looking for a one night f**k] as can be seen by the rest of mrbrown's list. Go click on the link to see what I mean. :D

And on a related note, from across the Causeway, Kennysia muses on the type of the people you are likely to see at a pub. I say of all of them, he forget another one, which is:

"Girls who go alone, or in a big group of girls, all drinking amongst themselves, and yet secretly hoping that some hot guy will try to pick them up or buy them their next drink."

So...... when are we pubbing again, gals? :D

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