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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Goodmeat: I dread to think of what third base could be... No! No! No! *smacks side of head*

I sorta realised that the best way to not think of the DF so much is to keep myself as busy as possible, so that my mind doesn't run wild about the 10,ooo possible futures we could have together (^^!) In a way, it's sorta like eating the same red pill that he does, so that we can stay in the same Matrix-like cocoon together. [Get it? If not, watch the Matrix again.. hehehe]

So for the Saturday night that he had to work, and I had no Jap class, I went out with Doe instead. [Doe being one of my closest friends since sec sch, and something akin to a Ya-ya. Ref: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Great book. Everyone go read it]

In a way, Doe and her bf Tak are the archetypes of non-compatibility at first glance. For one, Doe towers over me by almost half a head, is slim and pretty, and has very Eurasian features. Somewhat of a Amazon princess type. [And if she found out that I said that on my blog, I'll probably get slaughtered amazon-style. hehehe...]

Tak, however, is about my height, and has very Asian features, sorta like those hairy Samurai types. (0_0) Not exactly what you'll call 'husband-wife-face' on first glance... hahaha...

But yet, somehow or another, they've worked it out between the two of them. :) It's been almost a year or two, and they're still at it, and once you get past the physical differences, and look at the actual chemistry between the two, you realise there's a lot there. [Everyone: Awwwwwww....]

So taking her as an example, you realise that sometimes you just can't listen to too many people about how relationships should proceed. Because when they first got together, tons of people were also questioning whether they really liked each other, blah blah blah, and whether they really were gonna stay together, blah blah blah. And yet, they have.

[Here's an ironic thing though. Doe and Tak knew each other for a pretty short period of time before they got together. And our friends still questioned them. DF and I have known each other for a damn long period of time. And our friends are still questioning me. So...... obviously the time you know a person is not quite a factor here. ]

So we both agreed that sometimes, you just can't listen to too many people about how they think the relationship should go. Because inevitably, everyone has different expectations of how a relationship should proceed. [and trust me, I've heard some pretty gag-inducing ones] And if you project your expectations onto that person, then you're not quite living your own now, are you?

BUT there are some caveats you should take note of. Eg the usual overdrinking, flirting, screwing, gambling, blah blah blah. Some things just should NOT be forgiven or let to rest. [Should workaholism be part of them though? The jury is still out on that...]

I also sorta figured that part of why I overthink is because I'm too free most of the time. (^^!) So I should at least try to keep myself somewhat busy during the days to keep from overimagining all sorts of things. And maybe play more Freecell. :p

But there are some things in his character we both felt he could improve on. [Potential Workaholism being one of them... (^^!)] I do know some of the caveats in his character I should look out for, thankfully, so I wanna see whether his flaws become too much for me to handle. If I can live with it, or if he can change for my sake, then good for him and me. If not...... time for me to start looking around again. :p

And if things don't work out in the end......... *wryly* maybe I should spend my energy writing that tell-all national bestseller, eh? At least I know I have most of the material saved on this blog......

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