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Sunday, April 10, 2005

In response to Slayer's tag that I didn't mention her... ok here's her honorary mention on this blog... hahaha

Saturday night, stuck at home due to unceasing nose flowage. [how bad was it? Bro bought me my favourite fish and chips for dinner and I couldn't taste a godamned thing... groan......] Finally gave up trying to be alive, and decided to simply go to bed mucho mucho early for the night, with the radio on.

A call comes on the handphone. In a state of half-consciousness, I rouse myself up from sleep enough to answer blurrily, "Hello?"

"Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD!!!!!"

Blink blink. Consciousness slowly coming on. "Slayer?"

[Ok so obviously I don't call my friends by their nicks, but all for the sake of anonymity on this blog, yah?]

"MY GOD! You DID IT! You're ATTACHED! You're no longer single!!!"

Blink again. "You called me all the way from Australia to tell me these things that I already knew?"

But anyway, ha, thanks for your good wishes, and also to Krystal, Candle, Yen and all those who sent them whether in tag, SMS, or silent prayer. And erm, thanks for the death threats and threats of severe bodily harm on Dragonfly should he scratch so much as a hair cell on my holy body. Your, erm, kind wishes for my well-being are greatly appreciated. [though I don't know how much on his part...]

And yes, I will still have time to hang out with single friends. I've been a moody single for far too long to forget what it feels like. And besides, the man is facing exams for the next 2 weeks after which he'll hop straight into work, so it's a wonder he still has time for a girlfriend. Hmph! *stares haughtily into distance*

But anyway, my Cold obviously hasn't subsided yet, and I'm even half starting to suspect my bro unwittingly became the carrier of some SuperFlu Bug on his attachments or during his tutorials, ["And now, here in this fragile little pep dish, we have the highly contagious SuperFlu Bug. When released into the air, it... Excuse me, what do you think you're doing? You can look through the microscope if you want a closer look... No, stop! Don't open it! FOR THE LOVE OF HIPPOCRATES... HACHOO! TOO LATE!!!"]

Nah, I'm kidding. Anyway this Sunday morning it's obviously better already, after me having sneezed a lungful of phlegm into the bathroom sink. [well it seemed like a lungful of phlegm!] The nose is getting better, [i hope] and the throat is getting increasingly worse and clogged up, which for me is a good sign. 'Cos when the sore throats and deep voice starts is when the end stages of the flu is coming.

So now I'm just purely washing it all down with litres and litres of water. I think within this one weekend that I've been hit with the flu, I've drunk more water than I usually do in a week. Suddenly, warm water gushing down your throat has a very soothing feeling.

*Groan*....... [cat sprawled on ground, mewing and clawing weakly at air in desperate attempt for pity]

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