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Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's a certain kind of sacrilege, this is:

Cookie Monster: "Cookies are a sometimes food"

So my cold has not subsided. Bleah. I had to wake up early this morning for tuition, and watashi no kami....

Pounding headaches, running nose, body sweating profusely.... Hell, even at my drunkest state, I never felt so bad.

Hence, instead of gallivanting and shopping along Orchard as I should be, and then going for Jap class, I'm closeted at home, blogging, drinking water and eating strepsils while fervently trying to control the incessant flow of liquid from my nose.

Zannen ne.

Nevermind. Later I will console myself by watching the 12 episodes [and soon to be 13] of Gundam Seed Destiny I've already downloaded. Nothing like an anime fix to get your mind off your rapidly-declining health. If I die here, today, in front of my PC, at least I died while watching Destiny.

What a way to spend the first day of being attached.

Oops. Are you sitting agog at your computers now?

Are you wondering whether I typed that sentence correctly?

Are you thinking it's about damn time I said it?

Ok, then swallow the red pill and get ready for

The Dragonfly Revolutions

[yes, the corny matrix references continue....]

So i'm chatting online with Dragonfly and Krystal one day. We started talking off about how teachers are graded in schools for their bonus. [me and DF. Not with Krystal] I groaned about whether I was cut out to be a teacher in the first place, what with all the crap I was wearing about admin work and stuff, and he says, try it out for a few years. If you don't like it, you can always quit and teach tuition and your fees increase. There is no loss. Then he says:

DF: It's like a relationship. If you never tried, you will never know how it will be.

Me: Hm. Ironic that you should use that metaphor.

DF: Hahaha. Well I risked it with you, but you didn't want

Me: You got risk it meh?

DF: Er, yea. Even though it was forced out. [The Gestapo-style way I got him to spill is another story...]

Me: Yea, so the initiative was on my end, not yours.

DF: Hey, I'm the kuai type, not the ji hong type.

Me: That's true....

DF: Fine, I wanna go out with you, yet I'm afraid of what will happen. Can can??

Here's where I froze at my keyboard, and blinked twice. We talk a bit more, until:

DF: Would you like to at least give it a chance?

Here's where I froze, again. And then switch to Krystal's MSN window:

Me: He just asked whether I wanted to give it a shot!
Me: ARGH!!!!

Krystal: Hahaha took him long enough

Krystal: what did he say??

So I continue this strange 3-way conversation, watching the words on DF's MSN window scroll down rapidly, as he quickly typed and pressed Enter all his thoughts before he could think twice about what he was doing. ["This is not me speaking... It's the vodka lime...." Duh......]

It was a... tricky piece of multi-tasking. I had to keep his window open to keep reading the words that kept rapidly appearing, and then I had to summarize everything for Krystal, who was waiting on her end, to find out what was happening. ["tabzzzzz!!!!!!!! what's happening?????"]

It eventually boils down to this: I will not give him an answer on MSN, mainly cos I don't wanna make things too easy for him, sadist that I am, and because I do believe that some things are better said face to face.

We agree to meet on Friday night for dinner, for me to give him his answer.

Then Thursday's when I fell sick, and Friday's when the grand premiere started, and I had to take a Panadol Cold Relief so that I didn't completely die of the Common Cold before I could tell him. Somehow or another, I managed to muster up enough health to meet him for dinner.

[PS, eating noodles at Thai express not that worth it. Despite the perplexing thai names, his dish was essentially, Thai kway chap, and mine was Thai mee sua. *peng*]

We eat our dinner, talking as usual, until we're almost finished, and he goes, "So... on MSN, yah."

"Well, I.... " stares at my blur face "yah."

Eats a mouthful of mango salad, drinks water, looks at me again, and goes "Yah."

Eats another mouthful of salad, another gulp of water, appears to be mustering up something to say, and then says:


At the 10th "yah", I cannot help but burst out laughing in front of the poor guy. Because although I know what it is he's trying to say, his nervousness is plain to see on his face, he can't even bring himself to say what it is I know he's trying to see, and all he can do is nod at me, and go "Yah."

"So......." Deep breath on his part "I was thinking.......... If you're interested.......... we can enter into a joint relationship that both parties may find mutually beneficient." I stare at him. My god, is he trying to sell me insurance?

[Note: Ok, so what I wrote wasn't exactly what he said, but the idea is there]

[Note to DF: If you feel like dying now....... I did warn you last night that all of this was going to go onto my blog. :p and it's an extremely, extremely edited version, as you well know.]

"Ok fine, iwantyoutobemygirlfriendcan? THERE! I've SAID it!" Gee, was that so hard?

I didn't give him an answer immediately though. He was still blustering his way through explanations, so I simply sat there with my blur-as-stone face while he blistered and blustered his way through, stopping at times to take deep gulps of water and mango salad. And it's a funny image in my mind now, to think of me, sitting there, poker-faced, while he showed his nervousness through every tweak on his face, every movement he made, every gulp he ate.

Do the girls always take it more calmly? I don't know...

Now, actually by this point of time, I knew my answer to him already. I was just hesitating over... well, method of delivery. Actually the moment the words appeared on my MSN screen I knew what it was I wanted to say already

But when I went came back from the toilet, we started speaking in our usual casual tones, that, I don't know, we sorta seemed to go back into our usual 'friend' mode, so I didn't say anything to him then.

We went to Dome for coffee and tea, chatted somemore, and then made our way home.

As we're talking and walking home, I felt myself getting more and more itchy. Is that it? Doesn't he want to know? Are we just going to walk to my home, say goodbye at my void deck, and then go on with life as per usual? After a while, I got a bit fed up, and I said,

"You know, during dinner, I was reminded of 2 friends of mine.

[Another highly edited account of two other friends. If the friend in question is reading this blog, er, grin? Others who know the friend is reading, please don't mention her name or her nick, yah? Let's keep some anonymity here.]

This guy, A, liked my friend B. However, he heard, wrongly, from a mutual friend, C, that B was attached. So he pined after her for about a year, before he heard from my girlfriend, D, that in fact, B was not attached, had never been attached, and was still single at the time he knew her. So in fact, he'd been pining over her for a year, despite the fact that she was single all that time.

I used to think this guy was a bit of a blockhead for pining over her for such a long time, and THEN I find out that some other idiot had been waiting for me for 7 YEARS and was too scared to come out of his hole all this while!

SEVEN YEARS!! If you were interested in another girl, and you told me all this, I would've just told you to just be a GODAMNED MAN already and go out and get her!

And now, when you've finally popped the question, you don't even seem to want to know my reply!

You IDIOT!" At which point I start smacking him with an issue of IS.

To his credit, he takes it all pretty calmly, [even the smacking] and says, "Well, you didn't seem to want to reply me, so.... Yah." [omg that "Yah" again]


"So.... "

He looks at me quizzically.





Two steps closer to my house.


Almost approaching the carpark.


"OMG is that all you can say???" I laugh. Now from "Yah"s, he's gone to "Hm"s.

And yea, that's how it all happened. :)


We're standing in my void deck, 2 slightly confused souls, treading into new territory and none of us brought a map to tell us where to go or what to do.

"Well, I'm a mouse, as well you know." He smiles.

"Then you're going to have a problem with my friends. See, one's a shark, another's a jaguar, and oh, there's the firecracker."


"Yea, Candle. She's, well, do you feel cornered by me right now?"


"She'll corner you, quarter you, gut you and leave you up to dry."

"Oh my god..........."

"Yes! You so have to meet Candle and Krystal!" His face visibly drops.

"Er............ let's take this one step at a time, right? Slowly...............?"

"Well, you're going to have to meet them sooner or later, so why not both at the same time? After all, they know each other!"


"And then there's my parents!"

"Your parents?" His face drops, and then very visibly blanches.

"Yes! You have to meet my dad! He'd so want to meet you! And my mother too!"

Now his face really pales, and he gets a cornered-mouse look on his face. The cats are all outside waiting with the cheese......

Anyway, there's obviously more to the story besides that, but that's all I'm gonna put on his blog in order to save him further embarrassment. [apart from the oodles I've piled on him already]. So....


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