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Friday, April 08, 2005

Hell, been a long time since I last updated.... here are some random stuff then from over the week:

New Illustration, recently completed, as an escape from all the other stuff I owe other pple:
[drawn by hand and coloured by Photoshop]
This is what I wish I could do....

Exactly 3 weeks since my interview and MOE still hasn't sent me anything. [except a statement updating me on the status of my Edusave account] I'm hoping that Yenn was right when she said that the longer they take, the more likely you'll get it.

Even more scary thought: what am I gonna do if I DON't get it?

Or rather, what am I gonna do about MY MUM if I don't get it?

*Sigh* Sometimes I really wonder whether I really am meant/cut out to be an Educator. All the talk of the admin workload of teachers, and the true-life accounts of Yenn keep ringing doubts in my mind about whether i can do, whether i can take it, whether i will regret my decision in the future whether i will ever have the choice or freedom that i do now and now.......

Aw hell. Screw it. It happens, it happens.

Or maybe I'll run to DoE's apartment in KL..........

All that running in the rain from last week, and the intermittent showers, plus my unhealthy eating habits caught up to me, and today, I have what appears to be the sneak preview of a summer blockbuster of a cold.

Oh, lucky me. *HA-CHOO* X3

Thankfully, it's only the sneak preview right now, so still ok, still look normal when I walk in the streets, and not dripping nose fluid unto my innocent students' essays. I'm sticking to my usual remedy of 1. More water than usual 2. Plenty of sunlight 3. Staying away from cold winds and keeping my body temperature as high as possible without going into sars mode.

Hey, if it's worked for me all these years...... :p And it saves me a bundle on doctors' fees.

The Slayer's accounts of her backpacking trip are, pretty amusing, for one who has flown over Europe and done the things she's done. Somehow, while our experiences were similar, I don't recall going through the same kind of anguish and suffering that she seems to portray on her blog. Hyak hyak... Been there, done that, gotten the cheap souvenirs...

And btw, some hostels DO have private rooms with attached bathrooms. You just gotta ask for it and pay more, of course. Bus trips are better survived if you don't sit near the back of the bus and have plenty of music and an eye mask.

And judging by your account.......... er, I don't think I'm going on a holiday with u anytime soon.... you'd go mad if you had to go on a trip that I organized...... :p

me and dragonfly

Something's brewing in the works, and it' ain't no cup of java. Hmm, dunno how much I wanna put on the blog right now, but it's now it boils down to a throw of the cards, or a stay of the hand... Updates later, I'll leave you guys to guess for now.......

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