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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Seen in photocopying shop in Bishan:

A person has two roads in life. They can either be healthy or sick.

If you are healthy, you don't need to worry.

If you are sick, then you have two roads: You will either recover, or you will die.

If you recover, you don't need to worry.

If you die, you have two roads to follow: Either you go to Heaven, or you go to Hell.

If you go to Heaven, you don't need to worry.

If you go to Hell... You'll be too busy shaking hands with all the friends who are already there to worry.


A bit sweet, and a bit 'huh'?

The story: This guy apparently likes this girl in NUSSUX engine, so he roped in the help of the lecturer to declare his love for the girl during lecture.

Well, in a way it makes sense I guess. At least the girl [hopefully] won't let u down too hard that way?

Unfortunately for her, nowadays, some NUS lectures are recorded on video, for others to view.

More unfortunately for her, this video was viewed, and then put on the Internet.

Even more unfortunately for her, the video was seen by mrbrown and the girl was 'browned' [browned = blogging term. To be featured on
mrbrown and hereby gain instant fame, notoriety, and a sudden spike in your site statistics, not to mention comments and tags by strange people on your blog.]

Now, suddenly, the girl has become famous, not just in NUS, but also in the Singaporean blogosphere. Her blog also got visited by a whole bunch of folks [including me. oops.] to see who she was and what she tot of the whole thing.

A very embarrassing incident. Tsk tsk.

But also quite farny. Evil tsk.

What I wanna know is, what's happened to the guy? Hahaha..... since it says on her blog that she still isn't attached......

My [relationship? friendship?] 'ship with dragonfly is sometimes like the red kipling shoulder bag i carry on weekends for Jap.

It's a good bag. It's roomy, and big enough for all my notes, and the miscellaneous other stuff I carry on Saturdays. [like the extremely-tasty keropok bawang I bought just this sat. Oishii!] It's a pretty good-looking bag, [it's not extremely ugly, by any rate] and most of my friends like it, and think it's a good bag.

But considering it's a shoulder bag........ man does it give me one hell of a shoulder ache sometimes.......... Itai.....

ok, going to get meself a massage soon............

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