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Saturday, April 16, 2005

An Unsettling Sat Nite

This is one of those Sat nites where I realise why is it I usually prefer to be out and not at home.

11pm on a Sat nite and I'm blogging because there just isn't much else to do. I went home early after dinner with Goodmeat, [a Sat nite date with another guy! Gosh! The scandal!] and finding the PC unused, proceeded to take possession of it.

Logged onto MSN and found out no one was online to chat. Tried DF but he was on Busy mode, probably still writing essays.

Read frens' blogs, read other people's blogs, read online comics and all not much update. Well, go fig. It's Sat nite. Other people have better things to do than write blogs. [except me. SIGH.]

Mother having menopausal hot flushes, and asking me inane questions, like why didn't I show her the letter from MOE, [because you never asked, till now, 3 days after I received the letter, and what difference is it going to make anyway] what was the contents of the letter, [again, what diff does it make if I tell you?] and the weirdest, was there a dress code for the talk on thurs.


I think more like she got nothing to do, so instead she asks me these weird questions. [my mother, weird in that way. She'll ignore me for weeks, and then suddenly she'll take an interest in all these insignificant aspects of my life]

My trance music is playing on the computer, making me relaxed and sleepy, but yet loath to sleep. I feel like I want to do something, something, anything, but there is nothing for me to do.

The most... unsettling... is that kind of restless feeling. The feeling where you have all this energy pent up inside, stirring inside, and you want some kind of release or outlet for it, but yet you don't know what. Instead, you are left to prowl restlessly in circles, not knowing what it is you're lacking and what it is you want.

Times like this I wish I could call somebody up to meet me for supper, coffee, something, anything, but the only two people living near me are DF and Julian and I don't think neither are particularly willing to come out at this time of night just to entertain me. [Let alone friends who live further away, in Hougang, Sembawang, Katong and worse still, Clementi and Jurong, and who have no car]

I want some activity. I want something to do that will prove to me that I'm alive,

rather than just sit here in front of the PC and feel myself slowly die away to the sounds of the music.

Meowr....... I want to do something.......

Man, this is one sianz post... Maybe I should cheer you guys up by telling you all something that happened during Jap class.

[To understand what's so funny about this post, you have to know what kinda person Yenn is]

We were playing a kinda game, where Oyada Sensei had these different picture cards in a bag, and we were supposed to draw one, and use the words on the back of the card to make a sentence.

So for example, i drew a picture of a pair of Nike pants, and the back of the card said, "jimu de hakimasu", which means "wear at gym". So I said, "kore wa watashi ga jimu de haiite pan-tsu" which vaguely means "these are the pants I wear to the gym"

And when Yenn drew her card from the bag, it turned out to be...... a very long pink skirt.

A pink skirt.

A long pink skirt.

I saw the picture on the card and I went "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

Oyada Sensei obviously didn't get the joke. She looked at me with a slightly bemused look, and asked "Daijiobu desu ka??" and all I could do was nod, yea, daijiobu desu.


The rest of the class didn't quite get the joke either. Half the class laughed nervously, [er, was there something weird about that picture that we didn't see?] the other half thought I was some kinda weirdo for laughing over a pink skirt.

BUT REALLY, if you know what Yenn is like, and you imagine, her sentence was something like "This is the skirt I bought yesterday", and you think YENN BUYING A PINK SKIRT?????

Well obviously after that her answer to me was "Anata wa shindeiru hito desu........."

Krynn: I did a dumb cartoon in my textbook for the occassion. Will show you next Sat when you come for Jap class...

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