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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Thank god my webpage project is starting to look a little more decent.... now all I have to do is tweak the colours here and there....

I realised that my sense of colour really sucks.... currently the page is a weak, plum colour, with bright yellow headlines. Gods.

Should I try for Cleo?

If you've bought the latest issue of Cleo with Jewel on the cover, you'd see a contest inside to Win A Job At Cleo! [Most pple take out an ad in the classifieds. These people turn it into a kinda American-Idol thing on paper] The contest states that you have to tell, in less than 25 words, why you want to work at Cleo, and the staff there also hope you look good in pink.

Hm, not exactly the usual kinda career ad.

My friend is urging me to try out for this, but I've had this feeling of inertia regarding it. Truth to tell I am actually quite interested in the post. After all, part of the job scope, [having a good command of English and able to spot a typo a mile away] I've actually had experience in, courtesy of my friends who keep asking me to edit their reports for them. [You know who you are! :p] And working in Cleo definitely has a higher cool factor than, say, 'Lim Hup Hoe Pte Ltd'. [FYI, I don't know any Lim Hup Hoes, alive or deceased, and meant no insult or injury to anyone out there.]

But I still hesitate. Why?

Maybe I'm too used to my lifestyle. I'm too used to studying, and grades and the entire school system. Partly, the idea of the outside working world freaks me out, especially with some of the horror stories I've been hearing from the wage monkeys already out there. [Ooo-ooo! Aahh-aahh!] I'd rather stay in places that I'm familiar with, and by that I mean home, bed and orchard. Not NUSSUX.

I don't even know exactly what it is I wanna do for the rest of my life, and I don't wanna make the mistake now, [when I'm young, single and free] and regret it for the rest of my life. If I don't know what the heck is in front of me, I'm not gonna just go charging forth. [you can see that when I go blading, i sure as HELL am not gonna just race down the slope if I know there's something ahead which may lead to physical injury. Unlike a friend of mine... hahaha!]

Of course, this means i'm probably gonna be jobless for a damn long time. I wasn't even intending to properly get a job after graduation anyway. I wanna travel to Europe in June. I wanna take up classes. I wanna reach the epitome of slack-dom and become the Ultimate Slacker Goddess and I wanna do it now while I'm still young, [relatively] innocent and have all the time in the world to waste.

Because I know that once I get started working, Singaporean living standards mean that I'd have to keep on working for a damn long while. And I don't want to devote my life to some huge, uncaring corporate entity that looks at me as a monkey and throws peanuts to me in my gilded cage. I study business. I know it sucks.

So in order to save my soul from corporate damnation, I think I'll hesitate about my future just that while longer.

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