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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The more I grow the more I question.

The more I question, the more I realize how much others don't know.

And more worriedly, how much they don't care.

The more I realize they don't know or care, the more I try to go against them. The more different I try to be.

The more different I try to be, the more crap I get from others.

The more crap I get the more miserable I get.

The more miserable I get, the more resigned I get.

How like that? Sigh...

Maybe the last line should be instead:

"the more miserable I get, the more determined I am that I should not remain this way forever and the more I take steps to ensure my future happiness."

Yea, that sounds better.

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quetz said...

Ai yo!! next time during school holiday, do not answer their call until end of the day... heheheheh~