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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jeremy Monteiro and the Tang Quartet was not so aptly named, since in last night's concert, there was less tang than I thought.

There was jazz and plenty of good jazz. Quet thought the saxophonist was great and I thought the trumpet was superb, and we both agreed that the 4 stringed instruments were sadly 'extra'

This was quite disappointing in that aspect. The Tang Quartet are a brilliant quartet of stringed instruments in their own right. For this concert, most of the music seemed to have been handled by the jazz musicians rather than them. They seemed to be relegated to the role of light musical accompaniment, drowned out at times by the heavier sounds of the saxophone and trumpet.

All in all, a good concert, but with some better arrangements, could have been better.

( funnily I expected to enjoy this one more, since I wasn't familiar with FF music and this concert had 2 of my favourite artistes. Oh well, just goes to show... )

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Anonymous said...

Goes to show, Yenn has better music taste *evil laugh*