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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Salmon Skin Exfoliation Rubs

It's orange, it's fresh, it's a favourite food of mine......

Yes, it's a SALMON SUSHI. [ok, it's a plush toy]

I swear I wasn't about to buy this, but Yenn insisted it was 'damn cute' and a total waste if I didn't buy it, so instead she bought it for me, insisting that I will put it on at least one of my bags when I go out with her.

Er, cannot imagine this on some bags lor....

And then I realised that it was handsized, it had a good grip.......

It's perfect for rubbing on Yenn's bare skin. In order to highly irritate her.


After a few rubs, the response was "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT!!!"

Now coming at all facial salons near you.... the Salmon Skin Exfoliation Treatment!

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Anonymous said...

I'd figured that yenn would have seen that she losing her touch?! *gasp! *shock! *horror!!