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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Death by Lindy

This night, Aki Tan aka Boredslacker, was nearly killed by her dance partner [guess who] while both were trying to master a new dance move.

The move in question was known as the flip flop. This move required the follow to kick out her foot on the first beat, and then pivoting 180 degrees with the foot on the ground, while hand in hand with her lead. Then, they would kick out their feet again, and pivot 180 degrees with the other foot. [er, maybe you guys have to see it to know what I'm talking about]

Basically, the hard part here is that part of the move requires you to make a 180 turn on one foot. Which both of us had big trouble with.

Thus, our attempt went as follows:

1st attempt: Both of us lose our balance while trying to pivot with our feet. We nearly fall on each other. We also get the move utterly wrong, pivoting and kicking on the wrong feet.

2nd attempt:
We start to get the hang of it, and our footwork is *somewhat* correct. However, we still lose our balance while trying to pivot.

3rd attempt: Our footwork is correct, but we're still having problems with balance. Our instructors say that's because we're relying too much on each other for balance, rather than on ourselves.

4th attempt: I'm somewhat ok with the balance, but either he is off-balance, or I'm pulling too much on him. Whatever the cause, he ends up toppling onto ME and I get shoved by his sheer weight, and nearly end up falling onto my bag and crushing BOTH our handphones to death, and then HE almost loses his balance and nearly falls on ME on top of it all. Our instructor makes a valiant attempt to save me before I end up crushed beneath Jules in a potentially deadly way.

OBF. [You guys can go guess what that means] We've had trouble with dance class before, but not to the extent that we get a move sooooo wrong that one of us nearly ends up with serious potential injury and death by crushing weight.............


Anonymous said...

Both of you never kiss each other while falling for.. er.. i mean on each other


Aki Tan said...

er.... we were standing side by side, so he fell on my side and pushed me to one side... kinda hard to kiss that way lah.....

and i don't wanna think about how to explain that kinda accident to DF.......

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA omg that's hilarious. better take out an insurance policy

if this is the move i think you're talking about, the two things that make it easier are 1) when your hands are against each other, you both give enough weight 2) when you turn and move onto the other foot, you actually take a step. as in, your next foot is not in the exact same placae as the previous foot...

that said, i've had serious balance issues with those things until recently actually... takes awhile haha