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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ok, this is interesting... a kid called Delwin Olivan got caught sharing some music with his friends and got slammed with a lawsuit from the RIAA [Recording Industry Association of America and bigtime corporate enemies of file2file sharing] to the tune of $5000. [payable within 60 days]

This would be a typical lawsuit, if not that his fellow students have apparently rallied to him and are now raising funds for his lawsuit by asking for funds online and selling T-shirts with his face on them... Have to admit, one of the most interesting online student rallies I've seen in a while......

The phrasing on the website is rather..... er......... , though [You have to read the phrases in italics to know what I'm talking about]:

" Music makes Delwin smile. Well, it made him smile, until he learned that a few downloads would cost him over FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. --- But what exactly was his crime? Philanthropy. The key to avoiding a subpoena like the one Del is facing is to refrain from sharing, and he knew this. ----- only when you give music away for free are you illegally distributing copyrighted material.

This truth tormented Delwin deep within his conscience, for he had gained so much musical wealth from the i2hub community and given none back. He felt it only right to return the favor, to open his own gates and let others enjoy his happiness. Del's flaw was nothing more than a magnanimous display of philanthropy."

~Manifesto of

Like, I do feel the RIAA is being a corporate bully, but raising the guy to the heights of philantrophy seems a bit too much even for me.

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