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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Strange Rumblings...

There's some painting and stuff going on in the blocks around my estate, which makes for some pretty surreal happenings. Living at the height that I do, you're not used to the sight of people walking around and talking while right outside your living room window. I keep fantasizing that one of them is gonna jump right into my house, and rob/rape/murder me. So sue me, i was reading a couple of murder mysteries at the time they were painting. ^_^!

But definitely, there were some interesting/nervecrawling things that have been happening with the painting.

Take for example, the strange sounds I've been hearing on top of my flat this afternoon, which sound eerily as if someone was trying to break into the flat from above. ^_^! Sounds of ropes hitting my window, almost as if they were leading into the house. Strange banging from my ceiling, and definitely not upstairs neighbours.

Not a pleasant thought, though not exactly possible either, if you guys know my flat. Add to that the ropes hanging outside my flat, in front and behind, and it's almost a setting for the next Mission Impossible. Or Scream. ^_^!

I'm hoping for Mission Impossible. It's easier for me to deal with armed terrorists grappelling into my house trying to kill me, than a masked murderer with a large axe coming after me. Don't ask me why.

Then there was the singing painter. I was seated in the sofa in my living room quietly reading, when the paint cart slowly trundled up past my balcony. I think the guy didn't think I was there, because I was out of sight of the cart [though maybe he saw me through the reflection on my kitchen window] so I just sat there quietly reading my comic.

And then the guy started to sing. In I don't know what language. And very loudly at that.

Since I don't know the song at all, I assume he was singing in tune. [er...] But again, in my house, you don't always see a guy, standing right outside my kitchen window, doing his work and singing as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Ack! It's not!!!

I think he didn't know I was there though, and that's why he was singing, because the moment my dad came back and saw him, he stopped. Funny thing he didn't know he already had an audience all along.

I just wish the painting to be over soon. It's weird the way I keep hearing sounds from my bedroom and panickedly thinking that someone is gonna abseil into my house and break in any minute. if that happens, god save the man, because I will throw every piece of heavy electronic equipment at him till his bloody corpse lays at my feet. [except for my laptop of course. Are you freakin' crazy??]

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