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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Week in Review

Quite a number of eventful things this last week.... Phew!

First up was the 2day camp I had to do with my group as part of our community service project for Nie. [bleah] For which, we worked with a family service center to organize a camp with the theme "School Can Be Fun!" The camp went pretty ok and the kids were not as bad as we thought. The way the center described them, some of us made them out to be juvenile deliquent hooligans, but actually, they were all not too bad. Quite, well, like normal kids.

But there were subtle things which showed that all was not well in their family background. I saw a few clues in the artwork that we had them do for us, that some of these kids did not exactly come from even what we deem a 'normal' middle class family. [sorry, can't say too much due to privacy issues with the center]

One girl caught my eye though. She was dressed rather to the nines for the 2 days she came for the camp, [spaghetti and halter] and as a collage, she designed what could've been a fashion runway page from Cleo, by cutting out runway models from various magazines. ^_^! I say, she either has a keen future in fashion, or she's growing up to be a total vainpot. Let's hope for the former.

And some of the things they said were darn cute, in a rather naive childish kinda way. Like when we showed them a rather modernist/surrealist collage and we told them it was done by a professional artist, one of the kids bluntly asked, "Then why is it so ugly?"

Yea, the things kids say. ^_^!

We even had a Chicken Little lookalike! This little 6 year old boy came who was the dead ringer for Chicken Little, with his roundish head, big round spectacles and small pursey red mouth. A lot of us were oohing and gaahing behind his back, and we all just couldn't help looking at him throughout the camp because of his uncanny similiarity to Chicken Little. The best part, for me, was that he came for the camp carrying a backpack with the KFC chicken on it. Argh!!!

Then there was Slayer's bday, one of the last amongst our group to finally hit 24, and the drinking session at Paulaner's for Krynn's Bday, with special mention to Ros. Yea, so HAPPY BDAY to all the December babies. ^_^ And thanks for reminding the rest of us how old we're getting. ^_^!!!!!

News for the FWFC crew though: The Xmas thing at my house is BYOF, namely, Bring Your Own Food if you're coming, unless you don't mind me calling KFC/Pizza/Mac's or something. ^_^! But of course, if you come, there will be free flow of alcohol and drinks the entire time. I wonder if that's why you guys like coming to my house so much.........

I'll confirm the date and time again, and make sure my mom isn't bringing the entire family tree down on that day, but it shld be fine for now. :) Other friends interested in coming are also more than welcome! [close friends being defined as those who know where my house is in the first place]

Another news: I'll be flying off to Ho Chi Minh City next week, from the 19-22, so don't expect updates from the blog during that period. Hopefully, if I can buy myself a gigantic memory card, i'll take loads of pix and upload them sometime.

Meanwhile, the holidays are almost coming to a close...... *haiz*

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