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Sunday, December 18, 2005

One more post for the road before I leave......

In case you didn't read previous entries, [shame on you my readers] I will be leaving for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from the 19th to the 22nd of Dec with Candle, so this blog will be conspicuously quiet, unless I can find cheap Internet over there.

Meanwhile, to entertain you, here's some highlights from my very busy week:

For some reason, the days just before I leave have been packed with appointments, to the extent that even when Slayer offered me free tix to watch Oi! Sleeping Beauty for FREE mind you, I couldn't even take it because I had no time to go watch at all. ^_^! Cheapskate me turning down freebies, and free tix to boot. Sigh.

But here's the reasons why:

Thurs: Candle generously came to my house to help me clear up my room, an outstanding feat for which she deserves to be nominated for sainthood. We cleared out about 3 garbage bags of rubbish, repacked some of my unread books into boxes, and cleared out bookshelves for upcoming manga and books. Already, I can feel the chi flowing through my room again.

The only problem is that, as usual, just after I cleared it, I found it impossible to find some stuff again, because it had all been rearranged from their previous positions. Bleah.

Went for dance class, nearly got killed, as you can see from the Death By Lindy entry.

Fri: Another busy day. I met the Slayer in the afternoon to go shopping, and bought an electronic Sudoku toy. I'm getting so addicted to this I know. The only problem is that the toy makes a lot of little beeping sounds, which while I don't mind, could seriously irritate everyone else around me, so not much chance of playing in quiet public spaces, I think. Unless I feel particularly shameless addicted.

If you don't know what Sudoku is already, [how could you not???] check out this website which I am currently addicted to.

Later, went for Jap class, made fun of Yenn's cough as usual, and then it was to Zouk!

Candle's colleague MT managed to score free tix from her cousin and so we got in for free. *yeah* The place didn't seem to change much, after their renovations, except maybe the toilets look better. ... hahaha....

But Candle and MT are apparently very...... attracting of male company, let us say. We got approached twice during the night by *interested men, with *interested friends. Note that I never get approached by these men, only whichever friend I happen to be with.

Of course, since neither Candle nor MT were interested in making the acquaintance of any of these men, our strategy would be to make a hasty feminine exit to the toilet, stay there a while, and then re-enter the dance floor from the opposite direction of the men. I have to say, it worked for us anyway.

BTW, Phuture apparently has better music than Zouk itself on Fridays, if you like being literally packed like sardines on the dance floor.

Sat: I watch Pride and Prejudice with DF. He thought it was gonna be a soppy chick flick, but it turned out to be pleasantly amusing. Am now contemplating getting and reading the book. >D To all who told me it was good, you were right. To all those who haven't caught it, WTH??? But really, it's a good flick, with great witty dialogue. [i never knew one could argue with such aristocratic English] We also went to a texan grill place outside Far East. Good food, but a bit more on the pricey side.

And that was it for Saturday. What, you thought I was gonna give u kinky details? >D

Sun: Lunch with Jules and Greg, and then this with Daph and Merlin:


Budak Pantai! Greatest and Funniest Acapella band in SIngapore, in my opinion! The songs were great, sticking very loosely to the xmas theme. For example:

"Our next song is Qing Ren De Yan Lei, or Lover's Tears. What does this have to do with Christmas? Well, if you were 9 months pregnant and had to ride a donkey, you'd be crying too."

Pause for groans.

But really, they're a great band, and the way they ham up their songs is amazing. They sang a range of songs, from Maroon 5 to Teresa Teng, from English to Mandarin to Malay. I love this band for their quirkiness and their versatility, and of course, their irrepressible sense of humour.

And finally, I topped the day off with Xmas shopping with Daph, and that was it.

I came home with my purchases, packed the clothing, charged the batteries, and I'm almost ready to head for Vietnam.

Kinda thrilling, and a little scary, to be heading for another foreign country again, but slightly nostalgic also. I took out the bag I brought to Europe, the passport, the tickets, and especially the journal, and yeah. I remembered.


I'll see u guys [with loads of photos probably] when I come back.

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