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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Oh yea, I'm back from Ho Chi Minh, as you can see from the oh-so-predictable title......

Mainly the trip was alright. HCM has few attractions, but is very rich in history, during the Vietnam War period. It also helped that we had a very helpful friend bringing us around every night to eating spots around the city. ^_^ Many thanks to A.Low, his hospitality and his insatiable love for good food.

And yes, I kept a journal during the trip again, so look out for the Vietnam Instalments soon. I hope. As soon as I get my lazy bum around to doing it. ^_^!!!

Aside from that, I went for Lindy after a short nap, and ended up trashing the feet of every guy in class. And the few guest dancers who came in due to a lack of leads.

The big problem was re-learning a move that I had previously learned. [goldfish: The Charleston] While in Lindy 1 I learned it by starting off with my right foot, in this class, I had to start it off with my left instead, and basically do the exact opposite of what I had been conditioned to do in the basic class.

Which meant that my foot stepped backwards on the wrong foot [the right foot, instead of the left] and ended up crunching the toes of the poor sod who was my partner. Good god, what a nightmare.

And if you read my previous Death By Lindy entry, yes, this time I was the one who nearly caused serious injury to my innocent leads.

At least the instructor, Marcus, was more upbeat about the whole thing. "Don't worry about a thing, just remember that you're supposed to use your left foot.... And I have insurance."

Yea, yea...............

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