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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the day after.....

One hell of a xmas it was with you guys in my house. Many thanks to all those who came, ate, and got highly sloshed. :p

I always believed that a good party should be like that. Good food, friends, and plenty of good drink. And god knows I've held enough of those kind of parties in my house, especially with the uni batch of friends. :) My mother now likes you all because you loved her turkey so much, and my dad likes you all because you love, er, my alcohol so much. -_-!!!

But maybe next time I should ask someone to bring good DVDs. Otherwise I'd spend another afternoon watching the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. -_-!!!!!!! Many thanks to the Slayer, and Jubilee14 for that. If only Yenn and her DVDs had arrived earlier......

Anyway, after all the events I've held in my house, I've come up with 2 Laws of Partying, which all party hosts and goers should observe. This I've done after much observation of the many events and parties I've hosted in my house over the years, and which I generally have found to be *more or less* true. What, you thought it was all fun and games? No, observe the following:

The First Law:

Forget the diets, forget the calories, and chuck away the nutritional labels already. A party is about fun, and excess, and letting your hair down for one night. And as I've told a certain friend before, what kind of damage can one night of good food do to you anyway? If you've been faithfully following a healthy diet all the while, and you can stick to that diet after the party, then that night of good food can't do much to tip the scales out of your favour. And if it does, there's something seriously wrong with the diet you've been following all along anyway.

*The only exception I'd make is for people who are vegetarian for health or religious reasons, or who have health problems. Otherwise, chuck the Atkins book already

The Second Law:

In case you're wondering, the cyan arrows indicate the level that the previously-full bottles fell to after the party. -_-!!! Thank you Johnny, Gordon, and Comrade Absolut. Thou hath served me well.

But yes, for a good party, [attended mainly by people of legal age. better insert the disclaimer before police come after me] let the drinks flow. And flow. And flow. This has several advantages to it:

  1. People like free drinks. Especially when the ones in the club are so overpriced.

  2. People are happy when they are sloshed. So keep them sloshed.

  3. Even if your party sucks, they're too sloshed to notice.

So don't be stingy with those bottles. These were made to be shared. But always keep around the following:

  1. Plenty of water and ice. For those who get too sloshed.

  2. Clothes. For those who vomit when sloshed.

  3. Numbers of cab companies. For those who are... well, too sloshed.

Remember the rules wisely, young padawans, and they will serve you well.

Above all, though, remember to have a good time, with good friends, and all will take care of itself. :)

So thank ye all who came. This was not the first, and will not be the last of parties to come. :) :) :)

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Anonymous said...

You're forgetting something... VEGETARIAN OR FISH ALTERNATIVES!!! Imagine if there was no mashed potato and coleslaw, I would have just been snacking on Pringles... :(