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Monday, November 21, 2005

A really busy Sunday

I was out with him almost the whole day and after lunch, this is what we did:

World Cyber Games

2 words: Boys' Playground. The place was packed with guys staring intently at video and computer screens while battle raged in cyberspace.

Conversely, the chairs around were filled with bored and tired parents, who had probably been badgered by their sons into bringing them here. ^_^

We walked around the place a bit, but there weren't really much exciting battles going on at the time. In fact, most of the gamers there seemed to be amateur gamers who were just taking advantage of the free gaming computers. [according to him, they were amateurs anyway. To me who can't play for nuts... ok they seemed pretty decent]

Too bad we missed the grand final match. Oh well, onto the...

Let's talk about... Sexpo

Quite a disappointment, really. Even the DF found it mild by his standards, and that's saying a lot. ^_^!

When we went in, there was a slightly 'cleaner' family section outside, and the more 'adult' stuff was in another area which had been walled off from the rest of the public, and guarded by pseudo policemen who were really security guards. [whacha gonna do if a minor really tried to run in? Pin him down and arrest him?]

And the first thing we saw when we went in was 3 guys trying to blow up condoms in a given timespan. ^_^!!!! [actually, my thought was I never knew condoms could be expanded to the size of monster jackfruits, but I digress...]

The whole thing was just really mild to the point of boring. Besides the little stage with the condom-blowers and pole-dancing girls, there was just some ancient Chinese sexual artifacts and a bunch of stalls around selling sexual items. The artifacts were of some interest, but were mainly erotic paintings. There were though, these little ornamental fruits. You opened them up, and they revealed a little porcelain couple in a sexual position. Apparently, mothers included those in their daughters' wedding presents to prepare them for marriage. How that worked, i don't know, cos I didn't see instructions included....

Anyway, it seems our ancestors weren't exactly that pure either. There was a hell of a lot of stuff going on beneath the covers [literally and figuratively] but all were hidden beneath a veneer of respectability. Like on first glance, the fan which had a normal painting of a warrior on one side, and an erotic painting on the other side. The person using that fan must have fanned himself pretty hard, I must say........

Of the stalls, the largest [and most crowded one] there was from Condomania, stocking a huge variety of vibrators on the walls, from the [do penises really come in that size??] large to the tiny ones you could put in your purse. But really, most of the stuff there could be bought in their brick and mortar shops too, so what was the point? [quite ex also]

In fact, the DF got quite bored along the way, and wanted to go shopping at the other halls. I was wondering whether I should be worried, that my BF seemed to be more interested in shopping than sex, [!!] till we walked nearer to the entrance, and we saw that the condom blowing guys had been replaced by a young nubile thing gyrating on the pole.

"Now it's getting more interesting!" He said, before I steered him firmly to the exit at the other side of the hall.

Note: actually it might've been more interesting if we had Jules and Candle with us. The 2 of them came in after we had started shopping, and according to Candle, Jules kept up a very..... lively commentary of the items in the show. Which was actually one of the reasons why I was hesitant to go with him, but well... :p Maybe next time I should start a podcast with the things he says... hahaha...

Edit: I found some photos on the web. Click here to see some.

A Twist of Fate

The musical I watched with Candle and Mega after the Sexpo was much more entertaining. In the style of a classic whodunnit, the whole thing centered around a peranakan household in 1937. The death of the family patriarch sparks off a fit of soul searching and secret baring amongst the household, as their sordid secrets come out one by one till the real murderer was revealed.

The music, composed by Dick Lee, was cute, though not quite memorable. But what really stole the show were the actors, and not even the award-winning actress who was in it. No, for me, the most entertaining actors were the family matriarch, [a formidable, kebaya-wearing woman full of hairpins in her bun] and the family servant, Ah Si. Good god, the matriarch was really peranakan to the core, the way she flicked her wrist and spoke to the others, and at certain times, she even reminded me of my great grandmother.

The family servant Ah Si was most endearing, in his star-crossed love with the daughter of the matriarch. But he was most cute when he started singing about how he hated the matriarch, and how it made him want to kill.... chickens. *pwak* It's really one of those things you had to see. :p

All in all, a busy Sunday for me.....


Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm quite interested to watch Twist of Fate - though a little hesitant due to the price. So how, was it worth it?

Also, let's try a get-together soon - There's this acapella concert by budak pantai in mid dec - let's try to get jules and erlin and the rest to watch!

Anonymous said...

erm, FYI... a lot of vibrators aren't actually meant for penetration e.g. the 12 inch Hitachi Magic Wand variety. i mean, something like that would be pushing against your liver, if you get what i mean. they're actually meant to 'massage' certain parts of one's nether regions. or for really awesome backrubs/footrubs... ;)

- fishy

kein said...

just caught a twist of fate last night, and i have to say it's great :)