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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Make Money Through Blogging

Blogging is getting more and more popular, so why not make money through your blog?

Ok, you can stop laughing now. Obviously I'm not getting anywhere like that with this blog. ^_^! But there are others out there who are trying out the same thing, with varying degrees of success.

One of the most recent examples I've heard of is Subnixus: From a 9-5 job to Blogging full time

I know this is what Xiaxue aspires to do, but is it entirely possible? These people would have you believe it is.

But their methods differ. While Xiaxue aims to earn revenue through advertising, Subnixus aims to earn revenue through adclicks and eyeballs.

Of the 2, I'd feel that Subnixus is the more successful. His website claims that he earns about $50 a day through adclicks on his site alone. [so tell me, why are we all still working?] if you browse on Xiaxue's site, you'd see that she has only one advertiser, namely Localbrand.

I guess part of the problem is her notoriety. Note the previous fracas when she wrote about using disabled toilets. The next thing you know, her 2 sponsors withdrew their sponsorship. Granted that they had only given her a 3 month contract, but would they have extended it if not for the hoo-ha over the disabled toilets? We would never know...

But a point can be made here about reputation and revenue. She should have known from the example of Kate Moss' snorting that notoriety is not always good for business in that way, and that some businesses can quickly pull away their custom if they think that your antics [or your words] can have negative effects on their reputation as well.

I suppose in that way, Subnixus' method seems more sound. He earns revenue through adclicks and offers good advice about blogging on his site. [check it out man] Hence, he is not overly dependent on a few sponsors for his revenue, and can easily make it up through other means.

Anyone tempted yet? I sure am... hahaha

Another group of people are the ones who sell things through their blogs. One example I am keeping an eye on is the Ampulets blog. This artistic duo maintains a blog, which they use to sell artwork and merchandise. The blogger software makes it easy for them to organize their website without having to resort to HTML, but their model is not that much different from the dozens of other websites out there which sell stuff. Another example is jun gifts, which was sent to me by Necroz, and which sells Japanese-themed gifts.

So is it possible? Could you? Hm, I should explore this option a little more... hehehhe....

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