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Friday, November 25, 2005

The News as read by Aki

At this moment in time, I am pleased to inform you that this blog post is coming from the comfort of my living room. Hence, you may all deduce, correctly, that my father has finally managed to configure the wireless network in the house. Doomo Arigatou Gozaimashita again to my long-suffering dad, and may the megabytes never fail. *bows deeply*

In other news, my second reading of Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire has finally ended. Hence, I consider myself all ready for the movie on Sunday, and ready to blast down claims of "I think the movie is better because..."

I'm a literary purist at heart. NOTHING BEATS THE BOOK, YOU HEAR ME???

However, *hrmph*, I shall nonetheless watch the movie and offer my unsolicited opinion on this blog once I've done so.

Also, a serious accident almost happened last night during Swing Fling, though thankfully no one was seriously injured. The accident occurred while said assailant, Jules, was attempting to perform an inside turn with his partner, namely moi, and raised his elbow at the wrong spot, thereby causing it to collide most painfully with my right ear. ^_^!

As I said, no one was injured. Well, the blows I gave him in revenge certainly weren't enough to injure him seriously anyway.

In the blogosphere, as if I hadn't enough of blogging, I've started a new one to comment on the stuff I see online. Bleah. This one is really more of a trial thing, but check it out if you will.

In announcements, The Slayer returns to our shores for the summer. [the Aussie summer, anyway] boredslacker would like to be the first to bid you welcome back, and hope that the people and the heat doesn't kill you this time round.

That's all for the news this morning. Please stay tuned for more broadcasts. Arigatou for reading and Sayonara!

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