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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Check thy CDs now!

Because it turns out that some CDs which Sony had produced come with a hacking tool that leaves your PC vulnerable to virus attack if you play it on your PC. :( A summary of the whole fracas can be read at this link, and if you're worried about your CDs, check this list of CDs which come with the software. If you're interested in reading latest updates on the people who are suing the pants off Sony, read the blog on Sory Electronics.

What a dumb move for them. Bad enough for the company that they're losing money through illegal downloads, now they do something like this which just discourages people from buying the original item altogether. [You can get viruses through P2P software too, but at least you got free music in the process. Here, you're paying them to install nasty stuff in your PC.]

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