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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

my faraway land...

This thing between Bangkok and me has become almost something of an obsession during this holiday period. I think it's because this is the last holiday I can go, obligation-free, to any country, and because of that, there's a certain mental pressure on me to go somewhere.

And that somewhere is Bangkok.

And why Bangkok? Well, cheap foods and shopping come to mind. :p Plus also because practically the WHOLE of Singapore seems to have gone there at least once except for ME.

As I ranted to Candle the other night, it's crazy to think I haven't been there. It's like an hour away, the airfare is cheap, and so are the accomodations and the shopping. There should be NOTHING to stop me, monetary-wise at least.

But strangely enough, everytime I think I'll be able to go, something crops up, and the plans are dashed. *irritated crease on forehead*

Like the other time, Quet and I planned to go one Dec and she ended up going to Phuket with her BF. [heavy colour light fren.......grrr.....] And of all the times to go, she went on the most 'interesting' one. :p

Another time, I was supposed to go with Doe in place of her BF, but we couldn't change the airline tix and that was cancelled too. X(

This time, I thought I found a travelling partner in Necroz. I told her to take leave on any day in Dec and we'd go book it together. She was all set to go......

Until she found out she had to go to Malaysia for a wedding instead. X( X( X( X( X(

NONE of the guys I know wanted to go with me. Strangely enoughly, the name 'Chatuchak' alone put fear in their hearts and sent them screaming.

WHAT THE F--K IS THIS?????? It was actually easier for me to go all the way to freakin' London than it is to go to Bangkok!!!!! It's like the entire world has conspired against me to stop me from going to a country which is barely one hour's flight away! You know it takes me LONGER than that to travel to blardy NIE from home????

I can't stand it. My many thwarted attempts have made me even more stubborn about the whole idea of going there. Now, I just wanna gawdammit go there just to prove that THERE! I'VE DONE IT! YOU TRIED TO STOP ME BUT I DID IT ANYWAY!!! NYAH NYAH NYAH!!! >P >P >P

So now I'm thinking of either 1) going there by myself and praying I don't get mugged/raped/kidnapped there, or 2) booking myself on some package tour. One way or another, I'm going there at least ONCE in my life before I FREAKIN' DIE.

*one freakin' irritated traveller*


Anonymous said...

When are u planning to go? I've been meaning to go to Bangkok ever since that school trip almost 10 years ago... if I can make it, why not we go together hey? It'd be wicked...

Anonymous said...

Too bad i just went in august - if not will volunteer myself as a travel companion :)

And btw, it's (strictly) not 'heavy colour light friend'. 'Heavy SEX light friend' is more apt... :D

Good luck for your trip! (Great place to get your X/mas shopping done!