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Friday, November 11, 2005

Marbles, Sand and Coffee

In response to krystal's blog, the story [slightly rewritten by me] went like this:

So you take a huge glass jar and fill it up with marbles. Make sure you fill it to the brim.

Full already? Shake it a bit, to let them settle, then try to pour more in.

Managed to pour more in? Good. Can any more marbles go in? No?

Can you say the jar is full? Ok then.

What if you pour some sand in? Smart, eh? The fine sand trickles down and fills up all the space left in between the marbles. Fill it up to the top, and make sure you don't spill any.

Any more space in the jar? No?

What about some coffee then? What will happen if you pour some coffee into the jar?

Try it.

What happened then? Were you able to pour it in? Of course you were. The sand soaked up the coffee and so you managed to squeeze in one cup of java into the mix.

Have you realised something? Everytime you think the jar is full, there's actually a bit more space for you to fit something in.

Now what's the deal? What's this gotta do with my life, you say?

Think of it this way.

The marbles are the most important things in your life, the things you will never compromise on. Things like your family, friends, your career, et cetera. Even your dog if you will it to.

The sand is the other extras in your life. You know, the stuff you could do without, but yet are still in your life anyway. Things like your deadend job, the endless social acquaintances, the shopping and movies, and all the other little distractions.

See, even with a whole bunch of marbles in your life, there will always be cracks for you to fill up with sand. You can have a whole bunch of important things in your life, but there will always be other little stuff to distract you from them.

The key thing is to not fill up with so much sand that the marbles start to drop out of the jar. Like, why would you let the little stuff get in the way of the big ones? At least marbles are something hard and solid, that you can hold in your hand.

Ever tried holding a handful of sand? Yea, that's how stable they are.

And the cup of coffee? Well, that's mainly to prove another point.

That despite how many marbles

How much sand in your life

There is always time

For a good cuppa coffee with a fren. :D

1 comment:

Krystal said...

As biased as this sounds, I like ur version best....esp the ending bit =)