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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One Hell of a week...

In more than one ways.... starting from Sat when I watched the Possession of Emily Rose with DF...[his idea]

Now, I'm not the World's Most Devout Catholic, [I'm somewhere towards the other end of the scale] but something about this movie chilled me to the bone. Yes, chilled is the word. For those who don't know, the movie is about the [purportedly] true story of Emily Rose, whose demonic possession is the only one officially recognised by the Church so far. Ok......

The movie is not particularly scary. If you want a real scare-fest, I'd say look to the Koreans or the Japanese.

However, it did touch me on several levels. One, because as a Chinese, you're constantly exposed to tales of the supernatural world around us. Witness the Hungry Ghost Festival every year. And it goes without speaking that you are brought up with tales of ghostly hauntings and wandering spirits and vengeful gods.

Two, as a Catholic, you are brought up to believe in the existence of the Devil, and his minions. Because face it, if you believe in God, you have to believe in the Devil. The existence of one implies the existence of the other. And if you read your Good Book regularly, you will know that there are demons in the world around us.

And if you forget that fact, or let it drop from mind, there's always Emily Rose to remind you. :p

So if you're brought up with helpings of both of what I just mentioned above, you get a pretty shaky mix of Asian-Western Fried Potato. And I say fried, because if you put in too much helpings of supernatural beliefs from each culture, that's what you become.

And if you're an Asian-Western Fried Potato like me...... You sleep that night with a bottle of holy water next to your bed. [PS, I ain't kidding about the holy water. Conveniently, or fatefully enough, my mom went on a pilgrimmage to Malaysia and brought back bottles for the whole family] And you will NEVER dare wake up at 3am in the night, as that is supposedly the demonic hour, where demons roam the earth.

This I do to myself, after the previous Black River House scare... duh.......

And what do I do this week? One exam ended on Monday, and the very last essay of the term was handed up, so I have officially started holidays. ^_^ Me and Yenn are two very happy birds, Yenn with her now-incessant Mapling, and me with my long-neglected library books.

[Aside: The National Library has doubled the loan quotas for all library card holders, so this is a GREAT time to start your reading habits!]

And of all things, I start with... The Dante Club, by Matthew Pearl, which is the story of a series of murders modelled after the Hells of Dante. ^_^!!!

Like, for instance, in one of the scenes, Neutrals [people who refuse to choose between good and evil] are set upon by flies and maggots which eat their very flesh while they are alive. In another, Traitors are placed in ice so that only their heads are above the surface. Simoniacs [priests who accept money for unholy reasons] are buried headfirst underground, so that their legs are above, and then their feet are set on fire.

WHAT'S FREAKIN' UP WITH ME??? I NEED MORE CHICK LIT!!! I need to read and see more of the pink cottony, lah-lah fluffy rainbow stuff and EXORCISE all these from me!!!

Time to start more on the Photoshopping and stuff before I go completely wonkers one day......


Anonymous said...

I thought you weren't into horror movies... :p

Krystal said...

1. Since when are u into pink fluffy cotton candy kinda stuff??

2. I tot u already are bonkers, wonky and everything related to it =P