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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Inflict ancient Chinese tortures on me.

Make me listen to inane professors lecturing.

Force me to eat my greens.

But PLEASE don't make me............

Clean my room. Bleah.

After officially moving out from the hostel, I was left with a pile o' stuff in my room, which I had left there conveniently because I had no other idea where to put them.

The little pile grew and grew in strength each day, until it became a strong, sturdy pile, capable of swallowing up whole boxes and refusing to spit them back.

It was then time, I knew, to do another complete spring clean. [in what would be winter. Yea, I know.]

I wish spring cleaning was easy for me. I wish it was like this:


But it's not. Most of the time, I end up like this:


The horrible, horrible part about it all is that I'm an uncontrollable hoarder. A trait I inherited from my grandmother, apparently. I'd never forget the huge amounts of stuff we took out from her cupboard the week after she passed away. That cupboard alone seemed to defy all we knew of the normal laws of physics.

And the weird stuff she hoarded: Money was tucked away in envelopes, or under shelf lining, on each different shelves. Ditto with jewellery, and a menu from the hospital my grandfather stayed in. Yes, a menu, which looked like it came from Cahaya or something like, but actually was from Tan Tock Seng.

Yea, I know where I got this from.

So when I had to clean my own room, you can imagine the stuff I managed to dreg up. For a while there, it seemed as if that strong little pile in my room had grown into an INSATIABLY HUNGRY MONSTER WHO WON'T STOP TILL IT HAD MUNCHED UP HALF THE WORLD. I ALMOST LOST A LEG, I TELL YOU.

But I managed to grab a dusty [trusty?] broom and whacked it back till it was whining on the floor in submission. Damn thing.

Now I've managed to pull in a favour from Candle, who'd be helping me next week to stop the pile from taking over the world. And btw, if you're reading this, I've blogged it and made it officially public, so NO BACKING OUT! xP

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