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Friday, September 16, 2005

New School, Same old Troubles

My old schools are all undergoing a flurried makeover at the moment. The primary and sec schs are due for a major smash-to-the-ground-and-rebuild makeover, while the JC has undergone a sorta image makeover, retaining much of the old infrastructure while dashing a bit more blush on the cheeks.

Much of this is thanks to Brother Paul, the new principal who took over a few years ago from Sister Maria, and, according to the DF, is turning CJC into a SJI-JC. :p

Case in point being the new performing arts centre. Yes, ex-CJCians, we now have a performing arts centre, which looks suspicously like the SJI one, only in blue. And sadly enough, it stands smack in the spot where my classroom used to be. (^^!) I mean, I knew those classrooms were temporary, but dang....

The funniest thing I saw, though, was the words over the quadrangle. For those not in the know, the quadrangle is a little courtyard in the middle of the school, where all of us stood there for our assemblies, and listened to the various litanies dished out by the teachers. That was where the principals would give mass pep talks, scoldings, implorings to be better citizens and uphold the image of the school ( yea, right ). Where the students would eventually get hot, restless, and bored, and start talking to each other, and where the principal, fed up at the lack of attention, would eventually scold us for having a total lack of respect for those who demanded it. ( But yet failed to earn it from us. )

Which is why I think this sign, now overlooking the quadrangle, is especially funny. Because to me, it seems like a pathetic plea at good behaviour:

Check out what it says

My only answer: Like THAT ever stopped us.

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