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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yea, I'm That Girl

I'm that girl who saw this happening in Popagandhi's blog, thought it was interesting, and decided to add her two cents worth on her own blog.

I'm the girl who, on all appearances, has settled down to the rest of her life, covered by the Gahmen, and who may settle down with a similarly stable guy, but who secretly craves to throw a spanner in the works to see what happens. I'm the girl who has everything one could want, but is not sure if that is what I want.

I'm the girl who likes to question the concrete opinions of others. I'm the girl who likes to challenge your opinions simply to see whether you believe in them firmly enough to back them up. I'm the girl who likes to challenge you simply because I like the thrill of a good fight. I'm the girl who irritates you because I seem to have no firm opinion of my own but sway to the views of others, and you cannot see that that is the only firm ground I have.

I'm the girl who would do silly childish things to irritate the heck out of you when I get bored, simply to get some attention from you. I'm the girl who would find such things a kind of twisted entertainment, even when you get pissed off or threaten permanent physical injury on me.

I'm the girl who thinks that "I'm drunk" is an all-encompassing excuse.

I'm the girl who loves the sun. I'm the girl who can stand in the warm sunlight, letting her skin soak it all in, while others pout and sweat under the trees. I'm the girl who would walk in the sun while others walk in the airconditioned shade. Who loves the warm feeling of the sunlight with a touch of a light breeze thrown in.

I'm the girl with the short attention span, who loves to have her hand in a dozen and one things, and who will never be a master of none, because that will give me too narrow a view of the world. I'm the girl who thinks you should expose yourself to as many new experiences as possible, so that you will realise that you can never stand fast to the same position for long.

I'm the girl who has an increasingly shorter patience for patent displays of stupidity.

I'm the girl who loves her art, but lacks the persistence to go all the way with it. I'm the girl who will NOT break any boundaries in the modern art world, but who will love each and every one of her babies, even the embarrassing ones she scrawled in the covers of her comic books when she was a child. I'm the girl who will probably keep steadily at her craft, taking baby steps forward bit by bit, and who still lusts for a Wacom graphic tablet, even though she doesn't know how much she will use it.

I'm the girl who lay beneath an impossibly blue Swedish sky and who finally realised that the only boundaries are the ones we place on ourselves. I'm the girl who stared at the streched out sky and the endless fields and realised that there are no real boundaries. And who finally believed it for real.

I'm the girl who walked on the cobblestoned pavements of Paris alongside the River Seine. I'm the girl who crossed the Charles Bridge of Prague, flanked by the statue of long-dead Saints. And who both times wished dearly that there was someone walking along with me sharing those sights. And who still wishes she could fulfill that image.

I'm the girl who believes that a good book is one that pulls you into its own reality and refuses to let you go. I'm the girl who reads the words of others and wishes she could execute her craft like they do, spinning pure golden words out of poor flaxen.

I'm the girl who wants more out of life, who wants to do so much more with her life, but yet is willing to sit on a park bench, letting the wind blow stray strands of her hair, and think of nothing more important than how the shadows of the clouds look on the grassy fields.

I'm the girl who, when taking a journey, prefers to take a long yet scenic and visually stimulating ride, than to sit in the sterile seats of the subway surrounded by the same faces for stations on end. I'm the girl who will prop her feet up when sitting in the green area in the bus, plug in her MP3 player and then stare unthinkingly out the window for the rest of the journey, lost in a world of her own making.

I'm the girl who's the self-confessed full-time slacker.

Who are you?

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