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Friday, September 23, 2005

It's tough when you have to pull a project all-nighter and your roommate's a light sleeper. So if you read Yenn's blog recently, here's the other side of what happened:

Major project presentation the next day, and with a WHOLE section yet unwritten, I knew I was destined for an all-nighter....... especially since I spent a few hours after dinner out with the DF..... [so sue me...]

The moment I got back to the room, I quickly typed out everything I had to do for my part, and then I emailed it off to the rest of my group. My part, done! Now to wait for the others to email me their parts for collation.

11pm: No mail

12am: Mail from 2 people, one unaccounted for.

Check mail of 1 person. Realise that she has done project different from the way I did it. Call her. Check. Everything's ok.

Yenn is sleeping, the room is dark, and I'm hopping from my desk to type out my report, to her desk, to check my email on her laptop. [It is confirmed. NOTHING in the world will convince my laptop to connect to the Internet in my room. Stubborn antisocial fool.]

Trying to be quiet, but inevitably, being the fat clumsy fool I am, I knock into chairs, I click mouse, and a few times I had to call project mates and SMS them to ask what da hell was going on.

Inevitably, Yenn wakes up, groggy, moody, grumpy and grumbles, "Cannot sleep liao lah"


By the time I managed to get ALL the parts collated, and sent it out as well, it was almost 2am. I thought that was it, huddled into bed under my covers. NO! Someone SMSes me asking about some part. I SMS her my reply.

*BEEP* Someone SMSes me AGAIN saying he didn't receive ANY mail! I said they sent it off long ago you baboon [ok without the last part] and asked him to go check mail.

All this while, Yenn is surfing the Net, resigned to a night of sleeplessness. I prod her gingerly a couple of times, asking her for the use of the Net, and she looks at me with glaring bloodshot eyes, worthy of the Hellbound one, and I feel the cells in my head distintegrating beneath her fiery stare.

Important point: It is LIFE-THREATENINGLY ESSENTIAL to make sure your laptop has Internet access in your hostel room. Otherwise THERE IS ALMOST NO POINT.

I fall asleep at 2+ and by the time I wake up in the morning, Yenn has left the room liao. I go to the toilet, and what do I know?

A good friend has decided to visit today. ARGH!!!

I'm fine in my morning class, but towards the end of class, I could feel something starting to burn in my abdomen already. I stagger out to the canteen, but I'm at tha stage where the sight and smell of food makes me sick. THis is bad, because I need some food before the panadol can take effect.

I buy some light chee cheong fun and milo, but the pain wracks through me and I'm unable to take more than a few bites. Finally, with all the strength left I can muster, I throw the 2 pills into my mouth, down the milo, and collapse onto the canteen table, where I lay for about an hour.

When I wake up, I RUN to the computer lab, finish the rest of my report, and finally done! I run back to the room to burn it onto a CD, and there I see Yenn. Unsure whether she was angry at me still, I gingerly ask her, "Er, you got any sleep this afternoon after class?"

She stares at me for a while, [hey, her eyes aren't so bloodshot at least], and says, "If I didn't, you think I still want to talk to you?"

So yea, I'm forgiven, [i think] and I won't yet be killed by my roommate for now. (^^) Seriously hoping NO MORE late night projects.....

For now anyway.......

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Anonymous said...

Try not sleeping for 2 nights... or sleeping at say 4ish every night... seriously, 2am isn't a big deal... it comes with the package... :p