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Friday, October 07, 2005

It's been a loooooong time since I was here.... *brushes the dust and cobwebs off the blog* No thanks in part to all the tuition kids having exams this week, and Yen's passion for Maplestory... :(

But at least the tuition's coming to an end for now, since most of the kids are going off for the holidays. No need to set the alarm on weekend mornings soon... sweet.... :)

So let's kick things off with a meme I saw on Krystal's blog and for which I got tagged by SLayer:

Ten years ago, I was...
- 14 years old
- A wet-behind-the-ears Sec 2 student
- Innocent and fresh-eyed
- Reading comics

Five years ago, I was...
- 19 years old
- Frantically studying for A levels and despairing over my Accounts [ironically, for which I dropped at the last minute and am now tutoring]
- Worrying like crazy over passing my As [indeed, a lot of memories from 18-19years old revolve around this theme for me]
- Discovering the genius of Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling
- Reading comics

One year ago, I was...
- Teaching tuition and thinking that this was the life
- Fiddling with all kinds of funky stuff with photoshop and freehand [still missing those]
- Seriously considering tuition for the rest of my life
- Wondering whether SOMEONE would ever make a move [as you all know, he eventually did]
- Reading comics

Yesterday, I was...
- Having lessons in school wondering when lessons would end
- Sitting stone-eyed during my english lesson and wondering if I would ever be able to take this all in
- Irritating the hell out of Yenn while she Mapled and stealing her fries
- Going for the last tuition session of the year with one Sec 2 student and getting paid ( yea!)
- Reading..... a mystery novel by John Le Carre [heh, did you think comics again?]

Five snacks I enjoy...
- Pringles Hot and Spicy chips
- Pringles Ranch chips [similar to sour cream]
- Lay's BBQ Potato Chips
- Lay's Sour cream and Onion Chips [gee, do you see a pattern here?]
- French fries from just about every fast food restaurant in Singapore. :p

Five songs I know all the words to...
[This is pathetic, considering I'm learning teaching of music]
- 100 years by Five for fighting
- Fly me to the Moon in Evangelion soundtrack
- Majulah Singapura [hey, you sing it for 12 years of your life everyday, you don't forget that easily

Five things I would do with 100 million dollars...
- Hire the top stockbrokers in town and build a killer portfolio that will sustain me and my avaricious greed for the rest of my life
- Oh, and give some to the animal charities and my alma mater :p

Five bad habits...
- Using my hand to wipe the sweat off my face [my poor, poor pores]
- Forgetfulness at the wrong times
- Procrastinating all my major assignments [and then panicking at the last minute]
- Not staying on track of my dreams
- A liking for irritating the hell out of my roommate

Five biggest joys...
- Reading friends' blogs and hearing about them
- Having a cup of coffee and a good chat with DF and/or friends
- Finding out that my comics arrived this week
- Reading what I love ( Mystery novels and comics )
- Generally having a good time with friends and him

Five favourite toys...
- My laptop [which I'm hoping to change to a new one]
- My mobile phone
- My digital camera
- My Creative Zen
- Blimey limey and the Scarlet Warrior [you'll see pix of them soon, I hope]

Five places I would runaway to...
- London
- Paris
- Prague
- Japan
- My bedroom

Five things I would never wear...
- Hot pants [Not with my ass]
- Earrings [the pain! the pain!]
- Belly rings
- Nose rings
- Anything that causes bodily pain or makes me look like a whale

Five favourite TV shows...
- Not much else. Too much time spent reading comics. :p

Five fictional characters I would date...
- Er..... The perfect guy? [hence the 'fictional' part]

Five people I tag...
- Yenn
- Quet
- Whoever reads this and has a blog

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