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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Slummin' it

Although this isn't exactly slummin' it... I'm sitting in the cafe on the 3rd floor of the NIE library doing research for my essay, tapping away on my laptop, [happily the wireless card hasn't given me any problems in NIE, unlike a certain USB adapter I have thrown into a box in anger] listening to the radio with Shiroi, and with my handphone next to me to answer any SMSes.

And don't forget the iced caramel latte.

I've decided. I like the techie-bohemian thing.

The only problem? I'm supposed to be doing research on my essay. And right now......... I'm blogging.

Ho boy. This is gonna be a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Big frickin' deal... it's called multitasking... we're suppose to be good at it... all I can say is "Been there, done that"... and I still did fine... :p