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Monday, September 12, 2005

It's now the one week break, and I've one 1-2000-word essay, a couple of project meetings, a report on communication technology to complete and somewhere in there I'm supposed to fit in some meeting to practice for my music test.

And I end up doing this:

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.
You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Just crown me Queen of Procrastination already. Or Lady Last Minute Despair.

Yea, I know the picture link's broken, but the 'writer' and 'teacher' part is quite the coincidence huh?

[And btw be careful when you select and copy the code. When I pasted it into my blog, I realised there were a thousand and one errors all over the place and it took me a while to manually fix everyone of them...]

Then I started reading blogs, and I realised I got tagged by
Krystal on her blog. :p So now I'm supposed to declare 5 of my weirdest habits to the whole blogging world.....
Erm, so which 5?

Promise you guys will still be friends with me after that.

Ok, here goes:

1. I get terribly excited during action flicks.

The DF found this out when we watched Red Eye on Sunday. [Good show! Cillian Murphy rocks as unsuspecting psycho killers] And I don't mean excited as in I shriek, cover my eyes in fright and miss half the movie that way.

I mean excited as in I shriek, shield my eyes if someone's about to get horribly murdered, sometimes I wave my hands like a chicken on steroids, and now with the DF, I cling to him and go, "Oh fork! Hesbehindthedoorhesbehindthedoorhesgonnagether!!!!!!"

Er, onto the next...

2. I like to kiaow my karh

Hm. Not very good English. How about: "When sitting, I normally prefer to bend one leg and perch it on the chair that I am sitting on"?

Nah, kiaow karh somehow has more say......

I don't know how or why I picked this up, because God knows my parents were always pounding me to sit properly, being a girl who should be all ladylike and all, but somewhere along the line I realised it was more comfortable to kiaow karh. All those trishaw riders had it right all along after all...

But I don't just kiaow all the time. Sometimes I cross my legs guy-style, [ironically the DF does it closed-girl style (^^!)] sometimes I sprawl one leg over the arm of the chair, sometimes I prop my legs up on the table, sometimes I sit on the table instead.

It's as if my body is doing everything it can to prevent sitting properly and ladylike. Hm.

And which leads on to....

3. I can't really sit still. Nope.

Even if I'm reading for a long period of time, I'm unable to keep still. I will periodically move my body in all sorts of almost-yoga-proportions and perform calisthenics on the furniture.

Even when I'm lying in bed reading, I will roll from side to side, sometimes sit up, then lie down again, then roll to the left, to the right... you get the idea....

And even when I'm reading, I'll tend to......

4. Talk to myself

Watch me sometime when I'm reading an exceptionally funny book. You'll hear me suddenly laugh out for no reason. Or if I'm reading something, exciting, I'll do a much-muted version of what I do in the cinema. [see above]

Or if I'm thinking of something, or like in the hall today, when I was looking for something, I'll talk to myself, swear to myself, curse myself...

It's a wonder people don't think I'm insane yet.

And the Ultimatest Weirdest Habit I have...................

5. Is simply being myself. Nothing can beat that. :p

I think I'm supposed to throw this to someone else, so will the below 5 people please subject yourself to the same loss of reputation that I just subjected myself to, arigatou gozaimasu......

1. Slayer
2. Belly
3. Yenn
4. Goldfish
5. Goodmeat [time for you to update that dusty blog of yours!]

And hey, if you guys do the tag, leave a link on a comment on my blog k?


GoodMeat said...

It's not a dusty blog, it's more like the wine celler of a HDB flat. Does not exist. It's like the points Drew Carey gives out on that show of his. It is really not safe to blog anymore. Just 2 bloggers got branded racists. That's what we are, cows in line for branding. The world is just not ready for what i can vent. Maybe I'll just reside on your comment area as a guest blogger lalala

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just responded to your thingy... :p

HellboundYenn said...

Been there, done that.