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Monday, August 15, 2005

Save the starving children

Yenn and I are eating in the Jurong Point food court when she notices me chucking unwanted egg yolk and cucumbers into the soup that came with the chicken rice.

"You're not eating that?"

"Nope." I grimace. I've always found chicken rice soup too bland for my taste.

And then comes the highly cliched line: "Think of all the starving children in Africa."

Pause. "Would me not eating the food help the starving children?"

Yenn looks up from her food, wondering what crap I'm about to come up with.

"If I finish the food, does it help the starving children in Africa? No! In fact, you're taking away much-needed food from them!"

Yenn stares.

"And if I didn't finish it, would it help them? No! Because there's no way for this bowl of cucumber egg yolk soup to reach any starving children in time for them to save them!"

Yenn stares.

"And even if there was a way to fly this bowl of soup over there, would it reach the starving children before it spoiled? No!"

"And even if there was a way to bring this bowl of soup over there before it spoiled, and in such a way that it would not spill a single drop of soup, would it help? No! Because this bowl of soup would only feed one child! And even then, this serving would not be enough to save him from starvation!"

"And even if miraculously, it did manage to save him from starvation, you'll only be feeding him for one day! There's no guarantee there'll be another bowl of soup for him, and there's no guarantee that this one bowl of soup will save his economic situation and find him a job so that he can earn more money to buy more bowls of soup for his family!"

"So that line about the starving children just carries no balls, because whether or not I drink this bowl of soup, it's not gonna do anything about the famine situation in Africa!"

Yen: "........................................................."

This is how you know we've been working too hard............


GoodMeat said...
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GoodMeat said...

But you should not forget chaos theory. The soup might have given you gas. While that fart might cancel out that tornado some butterfly might be causing to Africa. You might just saved countless lives. Now you're just a non-farting murderer.

Anonymous said...

I reckon starving kids *excuse* is so overdone to death. But I totally agree with you. A bowl of soup would have evaporated by the time it reached Africa... give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. So in this case, teach an African kid how to make soup, you feed him for a lifetime. Hahahaha! Ok, bad joke... I know that... I just had to write it... :p