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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Is it a big deal?

In regards to Slayer's comments about tristefemme........ [krystal: this link shld work]


It wasn't really the abortion part that struck me as much, I guess, as her description of the relationship between her ex and herself. Her ex apparently had been showing her a false front all along, and all those overtures of care and concern was not because he truly cared, but because he thought that was what a boyfriend should do.

And what a selfish pig he turned out to be in the end. Claiming how he hurt her and his family, when really it was HER side who would always suffer from the stigma. PIG! [getting all feminist now]

Slayer's comment:
"I really think she's old enough to make her own decisions...Abortion isn't a form of contraception but it IS an option..."

I spoke to Slayer a bit more to get a clearer view on her comment..... Her view was that the girl was mature enough to know what she had to do, and old enough to get an abortion if she wanted to [she didn't], so she didn't like the fact that she seemed to be victimizing herself in the blog. To her, it's not quite the big deal the girl makes it out to be in her blog.

These are my views:

1. As to her age, I don't really know whether the fact that she's 26 makes her more mature and more able to handle her pregnancy. After all, we do know some over 20s who act as if they should be in diapers....... but I digress.

To me, whether you're 16 or 26, an unwanted pregnancy can hit pretty hard. Mental trauma aside, you'd have to care for the child through the term, and live with the stigma throughout. Not to mention the hurt and disappointment on the parents as well.

True enough, being older may mean that she has more options at hand, than if she were underage, but that doesn't necessarily lessen the stress.

2. To the victimizing part... Hey, everyone with a blog rants once in a while. :p If you were to read selective entries from my blog, [esp. those regarding one block of an insect] you could think I was a neurotic psycho hair-pulling female who just loved to cry to the whole world about her boyfriend. [which I'm not, ok??]

And sometimes, the act of just typing it out, or telling someone about it is therapeutic in itself, and helps one to deal with the situation better. She may seem "victimizing", but everyone needs a shoulder [or a laptop] once in a while. Let her have that break.

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